Monday, September 10, 2007

I've Been Eyeballing This New Growth for the Past Few Weeks

I didn't plant anything in this container, yet the growth looked like a flower, so I've been carefully watching it.

Yesterday as I was watering I looked down and was thrilled to see a bloom. It's the "eyeball" plant!

I had grown Spilanthes last year and must have tossed some of its seed heads in this container which I overwinter in the crawl space under the house. It's a very interesting plant, but hard to find in my area so I was very happy to see it pop up here.

I had another discovery this weekend--a dahlia about to open that I don't recognize. I thought I had planted little red pompoms in the container, but this does not look to be a red pompom. I am thinking (hoping) that it's that new bright orange/yellow one I planted with the callas, but got pink instead. Maybe I planted a second one here and forgot.
So I will be anxiously awaiting my deck tour after work to see what it turns out to be.

I did not spend much time outside this weekend. On Sunday I spent about 1/2 hour tidying up the plants. I enjoyed seeing the stripe in this 'Picasso' canna going right up to the bloom. I love how the stripe is replayed in the bloom. Little things like that really make a flower interesting to me. Here's a creepy old stinkbug on the hibiscus. He has interesting stripes, too.
On Sunday I made a double batch of Cheeseburger soup. We had it for dinner and I froze a few meals for later. I just love this soup! (I think the recipe is in my 'Soup Recipe' section on the right side. If you make this, you simply must garnish it with sweet relish, onions and tomatoes as I have. It makes ALL the difference in the world (at least to me. DH won't do the garnish. He has no sense of adventure when it comes to food!)

For the first time in months I used up a whole quart of milk before it went sour! The soup used milk and then I made some pudding parfaits for dessert--just pudding layered with pumpkin bread crumbs.

I served it in these fancy coffee liqueur cups. It's an easy way to make plain old instant pudding seem special.

My weekend went by so fast. I was busy every minute with shopping, cleaning, cooking, sewing, plant maintenance, etc. I wanted to read, but didn't have any time to just sit and do that. I need another day off!

DH, on the other hand, had no problem finding relaxation time each day.

It really is still a man's world!


  1. The colour of that hibiscus nearly blinded me (you should have warned me It's lovely, even with a stink beetle trespassing. The canna is lovely too, especially with the foliage and stem marking continuing into the flower. I also loved the look of that first plant. I looks like it sends out runners - does it? The foliage is so very colourful, too.

  2. I love the throwaway lines you insert, Zoey, like:

    "just pudding layered with pumpkin bread crumbs"...after all, to get those crumbs you had to make pumpkin bread in the first place ;-]

    This must be the time for that Eyeball flower - I saw some mutated blossoms over at Lisa's loaded-with-photographs Wisconsin blog, Millertime. I'll let you guys keep that one, but the 'Picasso' is quite tempting.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Hi Zoey!

    It`s been so long since I`ve had a chance to get around and I love your centerpieces! That sure is an interesting eyeball plant. Neat!


  4. Alice, If you think that is bright, just wait until I post that new dahlia! ha ha No, it does not send out runners, but it does look like ajuga, don't you think?

    Annie, You made me laugh! Really, it WAS easy. I just pulled the crumbs out of the freezer where they have been sitting since I crumbed two loaves of pumpkin bread last fall. It was last fall when I did all the work! :)

    You don't like the eyeball flower? I think it would make a fine underplanting for that whole 5 ft. long container next year. Of course, if I plant it and expect it to grow, it won't.

    Tea, So nice to see you. Don't stay gone so long next time! :)

  5. Hello Zoey:-) Finally playing catch up with you...geesh, I hadn't realized I had missed so many of your posts...well 3 of them anyway! lol I love your flowers but the food you've been showing has all my attention! hehe You're as bad as me, planting some stuff that you don't remember! lol You truly do have some wonderful and unusual plants!! xox

  6. The flowers are beautifull, and the stink bug is not bad looking, either!

    Nice dessert idea, looks pretty too. I have the same problem with milk. Only buy it when company comes because I use soy milk on my cereal. Never get it used up in time!

  7. Lots of posts here! I had that 'eyeball' plant in the fairy garden last year and it looked neat. The flower and food shots are again nice. Glad you used your milk, now I am having that problem! Sean is the cereal eater here and I use rice milk, so I am trying to buy the smallest container of milk for cooking.

  8. I had eyeball plants a couple years ago - so fun! That dahlia looks like it will be gorgeous - can't wait to see it totally open. Love the "Picasso" - the red stripes are very cool. That hibiscus is a gorgeous color. AND the soup and pudding look yummy. Great idea on the pudding and pumpkin bread parfait - very pretty.


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