Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Scraps--the Goldmine of Paper Piecing & Pupae Update

I hadn't sewn anything for three days. I was getting a little twitchy and needed my fix.

So I pulled a mix of reds/pinks from my tiniest-of-scraps scrap bag.

And I made these three rose flower blocks.

Each flower head is made from 30 tiny fabric scraps.
You need quite a fabric assortment to get an interesting mix for the flower.
I like these blocks, but so far I don't know what to do with them. They would make a mighty fine border for a king-size quilt--IF one had masochistic tendencies. You see I would need 100 of them and there are 33 pieces for the rose part of each block and another 7 for the stem/leaves bottom--40 pieces total per block. You do the math.........That's a lotta piecin' for a border!

So I will just make a few and wait for inspiration to hit.

Is anyone wondering about my pupae?

Well, let me tell you, I feel like the mother of twins. I have been toting the pupae all around with me for the past two days just in case they decide to split the skin of their chrysalises and emerge. Somewhere I read that they tend to do this anywhere from 9 to 11 days after they make the cocoon. Well, today is day 11.

They sat beside me all day at work both yesterday and today. No Action.

I went to the dentist this afternoon and they came along. I hear you all gasping! Who, in their right mind, would take insects to the dentist?

Of course, I did not take them into the dentist's office. I left them in the car. Which is where I accidentally whacked the jar and sent pupa #2 into a dizzying whirl for his life. He spun himself right off his silken thread! He is now lying on top of an upside down glass looking very much like a corpse, don't you think?I do hope I did not kill him.

As you can see here, I am all ready for the big moment--extra lighting, white background and everything!

I wonder if they do their thing after the sun goes down? I doubt it because I think they need the sun to energize them before they can fly off. But just in case, I do pack them back in the jar and put them in the garage for the night.


  1. Zoey,I think your goin' a little buggy!!...seriously, when my daughter was in girl scouts many years ago,they each got to witness this process and I thought it was amazing!!

  2. Don't be surprised if you don't wake up and find butterflies on the chandelier! I do hope they emerge for you. All my hungry little caterpillar friends outside are gone, not sure if they are 'hanging' out somewhere or they were birds' take out. Good luck!

  3. And your quilt squares are just sweet as can be! Someday I want to make a miniature quilt like for a doll bed.

  4. You are toooo funny! I can picture the film now - "The Butterfly Story", produced and directed by Zoey B. DeMille. You've got the cameras and light ready for you to say "action"!

  5. LOL, Giddy, I call it my "birthing station". It is 3:55 PM and still no action.

    Dianne, I put them in the garage because I don't want to wake up find them on the chandelier. I think you should start that mini quilt. You are very talented with stitching, so I just know you can make a quilt, too!

    Suzy, I like that--"gone buggy". LOL.

  6. I just found an entire 'kit' in the back bedroom today (mini of a flag quilt with all the correct fabrics) along with a book on mini quilts. I have a winter project! Yippee!

    I kinda think the pupae should be in a jar or box. I remember the ones we had came with a box with clear cellophane sides and a lid.

  7. I love your rose flower blocks! Very cool. And thanks for the pupae update. All of my caterpillars are gone too. I hope I'll see some of the butterflies around here - but I am counting on you and your camera! Good to see you're prepared!

  8. I saw a thing on TV showing the chrysales being unpacked at some zoo or museum Butterfly Garden... they'd been shipped from somewhere more tropical, and one end of each pupa was glued to a spot on a long slender stick. They hung down fairly close, side by side. So I guess you could handle them without too much trauma. The box or jar might provide a more humid environment. Good Luck, Zoey!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Constant entertainment from our Zoey :) What would we do without you?
    I hope they pose nicely for you!
    Your quilt squares are lovely. That's intricate work!

  10. You are one master-quilter girl! I have never seen such detailed, breathtaking work! Love the colors you choose too.


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