Saturday, September 8, 2007

Do Saturday Mornings get any Worse than This?

6:30 a.m. and here I am with my head stuck under the dining room table, wash bucket, Murphy's oil soap, toothbrush, cleaning rag and rubber gloves...

I spent a good 30 minutes crawling around under the table removing all the dust, dirt, etc.

My weekend motto is:

Do whatever needs to be done the most first.

Then if I do nothing else all weekend, I can at least feel good that the worst project is done.

Now I think I will go sew for a while.


  1. You can come clean here, anytime! Luckily, I had my knitting class meet her on Wednesday, so I cleaned pretty thoroughly on Tuesday. Today, I rest!

  2. I've been working on a craft project so I really don't have time to clean...really! hehe I actually bought a bottle of Murphy's Oil the other day and need to get my table and chairs done so I'll be under the table soon enough! lol xox

  3. I noticed my chairs need a good scrub-love that Murphy's oil soap. Liquid Gold is nice too.

  4. Oh, um, you're supposed to scrub your dining room table and chairs? No one told me. Love your industriousness, Zoey!

  5. When I think about cleaning, I always think - heck, I've got all winter to do that - and head out the door to garden or kayak - LOL. I always love how things look freshly cleaned - but I hate how they do not stay that way very long.

  6. I like to do the 'worst cleaning chores" first and then the rest get done much quicker. How I wish everything would stay clean longer though!

  7. Amen, to that, Betty! I was just lamenting the fact that I washed the kitchen floor yesterday and it's already a mess from my cooking marathon today.

    Kris, You can be sure the work will be waiting for you when you are done kayaking. I agree do the fun things first. I would not turn down some fun just to stay home and clean!

    lostroses, as I have said many times, "You kill me". LOL.

    Dianne, forget scrubbing the table and start the quilt. It will be much more rewarding! *grin*

    Pea, what craft project are you doing?

    Giddy, I have seen pics when you were doing some massive cleaning projects! Weren't you the one with the tall, tall ladder cleaning those big windows? :)


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