Saturday, October 1, 2005

The Beginning of the Rockwall

I am still working on transferring all of my picture files from floppies to CD's. I came across this old picture from 1990 when I was making the rockwall garden. As you can see there is no rockwall yet, just some big boulders which have remainder in the exact spot I found them.

Here it is today taken from almost the same spot


  1. Did you build that wall yourself? With or without help from others? Or did you hire someone to build it?

  2. Thank you GGG.
    Kathy, We built the wall ourselves--just dry stacked. My husband did most of that as he was much better than I doing it. We actually dug the entire area with shovels (took 3 years). Every large rock came right from the ground. i.e. we DUG them all out.Looking back it was HARD, HARD work! About half out the wall rocks, we dug out. The rest we got from a neighbor who was digging for a drainfield and we hauled them all back to our house.

  3. That's amazing, Zoey! The garden looks fabulous!

  4. Wow what a great contrast. It looks like its been there forever. We have a lot of rock walls down around Lexington in Ky that are several hundred years old. I believe they were designed by Irish stone masons with slaves doing much of the actual work of building the walls. They are beautiful.

  5. I'm impressed by your wall too! Our 'wall' is a line of forsythia along the road. We took snips from both mom's forsythias. Brian has a love/hate relationship with them-lol! (trimming)
    Great idea about taking the plants out of the pots and putting them in the garden. I just start grouping them together until they die off.
    Your table looks very festive. I love autumn!
    Thanks as always for sharing.

  6. I love your wall, your garden,your paint job on your nails...


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