Monday, October 3, 2005

Changing Profile Picture

I am already quite sick of seeing my profile picture, so I decided to change it. It was much more time consuming than I expected. I had, of course, forgotten how to do it. I had to search Blogger for the directions. I believe I finally got it changed. I think I will change it frequently just for the sake of change.


  1. Lucky you for the fabulous trail. And it's good to see you comfortably down from that perch you were standing on in your previous photo. And looking sharp!

  2. Thanks, Takoma. Those were some big rocks I climbed on in the previous photo!
    This one is just before leaving for work one morning.

  3. Ah gee, Zoey, you've spoilt the illusion. I thought when I saw your new profile photo "Now I know why she has such a beautiful garden. It's because she has the looks to go with it." So here I was all set to have a thorough makeover to see if my garden would improve as a result; trouble is, I would need to shed about 30 years as well. But then you saved me from all that angst by saying that you were dressed for work, not for gardening. So, I still have to work out your secret for growing such wonderful plants.

    Loved your photos of the lake, too, and the swans. Glad you appreciate the joys of living in such a location.

  4. Dear Zoey - having just re-read my last comment some hours after it was written I realised that it maybe misconstrued. Please accept it in the light-hearted fashion in which it was written.


    PS. I am still madly jealous that you and your garden can still look so gorgeous all the time.

  5. Aw, gee, Alice what a nice thing to say. I don't think you would have to shed 30 must be that tiny photo hiding the almost half century of years! Yes, the BIG BIRTHDAY will be coming very soon.

  6. Alice, here we are again doing the same thing at the same time! I was answering your first comment just as you posted the second one.
    I definately took it in a light-hearted fashion. I even reread it and still don't see how it could be taken differently, so don't fret!


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