Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy 51st Anniversary, Mom & Dad

October 23,1954

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Since I am leaving for the weekend, I am posting this a little early. The anniversary is actually Sunday.

Last year my 3 siblings and I gave Mom and Dad a 50th anniverary party. These pictures are from the party.

We think they look even more beautiful today!

Getting the room all ready for the 100 guests

Mom with her wedding dress

I made candy bar favors for all the guests to take home

The cake was made by niece. She did a great job.


  1. Convey mine too. 51st I heard ????

  2. Great pictures.'re mom and dad look fabulous. I did a 30th anniversary gift for mom and dad that showed their wedding picture on it too. It was really special.
    HAPPY 51st ANNIVERSARY to Zoey's mom and dad. Cheers and heres to many more years to come... :)


  3. Happy Anniversary Zoey's parents!

  4. I love the photos and hope everyone had a great time. Happy Anniversary to your parents, they look happy together.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your parents, Zoey! They look a lovely couple! Belated congratulations!


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