Friday, October 21, 2005

I Feel Like Aunt Bea

Remember Andy Griffith and Aunt Bea? DH and I love that old show. In fact, we own most of the episodes on tape. Whenever I don't have to go to work and I flit about cleaning and cooking all morning, it makes me think of Aunt Bea. She took great pleasure in her daily domestic duties. It seemed like such a simple era.

Here's to the memory of Aunt Bea. May she rest in peace.

Cream Cheese Apple Strudel I made early this morning. What a nice little breakfast treat.

For dinner tonight I am making meatloaf. But not just your plain jane meatloaf. I am going to try a loaf stuffed with ham, munster cheese, carmelized onions, and spinach. I love to try new dishes.

DH and I are going away for the weekend (leaving 7 a.m. tomorrow), so I will be eating in restaurants for the next two days.


  1. zoey, bring me some of that apple strudel.

  2. OK,Mom. I will run some over to you.
    Yes, this is my real Mom. She only lives a mile away.
    When Mother speaks, I still listen! :)

  3. Funny you should remind us of Aunt Bea I am in the process of making the old fashion looking aprons for the fun of it,maybe I should tuck a recipe for Apple Strudel into the pockets.

  4. Crazygramma, that is a neat idea--sticking a recipe in the pocket. Are you giving them as gifts? If you are selling them at craft shows that might be just the little extra to help them sell...especially if it is an old-fashioned recipe to match the era of the apron.

  5. Have a great trip!
    All your 'shares' above were really special and nice.
    Wow-your parents have been married a good, long time. If mine had 'lasted', it would have been 52 yrs for them on the 17th. I guess you must have been child bride because your son is in his 20s. ; )
    There is a Mayberry RFD cookbook out there-maybe eBay or I have it!
    Your meatloaf and strudel look delish! I know Sean likes spinach, Bri would like the caramelized onions, but not sure about the cheese part.

  6. Hmmm...aprons-what fun! Don't forget the rick-rack (you know the edging part).
    We had to make an apron when I was in 7th grade. I didn't follow the directions of only putting in 4 pockets along the front. I had about double that and got marked down because of it! Talk about squelching someone's creativity.

  7. And look what I found:

    There's still time left!

  8. Yummy, your meat loaf sounds delicious would you care to share your receipe???
    Your folks look so happy our folks will be married 50 years in 2006. Pretty awsome.....I still love your gardens and your right your old horse barn would make a great Garden Shed...Hugs Tina


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