Saturday, October 8, 2005

Unique Planters

I really like different unique planters. This big ceramic shoe planter is one of my favorites. I keep it in my kitchen filled with (gasp!) artificial flowers.

I am still not getting email notifications on most of the comments. It is very strange. I seem to always get them from Girl Gone Gardening and Alice, but not from anyone else. Even when I reply, I do not get the email.

So if anyone has commented on an older post and I have not replied, it is because I did not see the comment. I contacted Blogger Help, but they were not much help. They said it may be a spam blocker, but I don't believe I have a spam blocker.

Is there any guru out there who may have a clue as to why this is happening?


  1. That was happening to me for awhile too. It was only two or three people though. It has just stopped happining this week.

  2. Sandy, do you get email notification when you answer a comment? I used to, but have not had any for six weeks now.
    I did not get any notification on the comment you just left. This is REALLY beginning to annoy me!

  3. I don't get email notification for blogger, but for messages.
    I have to look and see what I am signed up for on blogger.

  4. Dianne, you mean you can use some other service (not blogger) to notify you of emails?

  5. I like that planter too.

    And, after reading your post about the Apple Orchard trip, I sooo want to take a trip north.


  6. Hi Zoey,

    thank you very much for your comment on my blog :D

    I think your garden is beautiful as well, I've never seen a garden like yours before and I especially love your stonewall!

  7. Hi Zoey....I love your planter...and I also have problems getting mail too here....I thought I would also share these really cool unique planters. They are made from metal...Dena


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