Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Whatever Happened to Christopher?

Does anyone know where he disappeared to? I was hoping he would be getting a new show on HGTV when TLC axed him, but so far he has not shown up any place. I used to like his show and really miss the decorating inspiration.

With the autumn season I always get the urge to change things, so I have been looking for some new project. So far, though, I have not found one.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen his show. Here's a link I found for his books. Says he is working in a hotel like you!

  2. I don't even watch HGTV anymore. All the gardening shows are on in the middle of the night here and I can only watch so many sell your house shows. I'm sure the Canadian content is alot different than yours. My favorite shows are Designer Inc.,Designer Guys, and Mark Cullen Gardens. These are all Canadians. Do you get these ones?

  3. I checked out that site, Dianne. He is designing a hotel and is trying to sell a new show to a network. So it looks like I won't be seeing him around for awhile.I have two of his books.
    Sandy, I don't get any of those shows. Darn!

  4. Never heard of those shows either Sandy. We get Divine Design and I love Candace and her crew. She is so excellent.

  5. Can you buy Canadian magazines there like House and Home or Style at Home?

  6. Christopher was awesome! I loved his energy. Very upbeat, humorous, and just plain old hyper!! Love Him!! Too bad I don't get the full cable anymore, so even if he did still have a show I wouldn't be able to watch him.


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