Sunday, October 2, 2005

Do you see the Swans?

My little town has a 13 mile paved walking/biking trail system that links the downtown area, the waterfront area, fairgrounds, our Island Park area, and the wildlife sanctuary. It is really a first rate trail and I enjoy walking it. The Island Park is an actual small island with no inhabitants (other than wildlife). It makes for a very pleasant walk and on a lucky day you will see a few swan families peacefully floating along the river. If you look very closely (or click the picture to make it bigger) you can see some swans in this picture.

Another part of the island

A part of the walking trail about a mile from the island
My town is right on the shores of Lake Huron, so we have water everywhere!

We often take for granted the amenities our own city has to offer. When I look at these pictures, I realize what a great resource our walking/biking trail is. I like this shot looking through the trees to one of the main streets. I am only a short distance away from all the noise and car pollution, yet it feels like I am way out in the peaceful wilderness.


  1. Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

  2. Brit, Nice to see you again!

    Chris, Welcome to my blog.

  3. It is so lovely there! Looks so peaceful. I feel sorry for people who don't live close to the ocean, but then I see the serenity of the water in beautiful lake photos like this.
    I can't wait to see similar photos in a snowscape. ; )
    I could have helped you with your avatar photo. Nice to see you close up. I wear glasses too, but not a lot around the house, just to watch tv.

  4. Hi Zoey, I live right here also and came across your blog while looking for new things to add to my home page. I don't know anything about blogs or how to do alot of other things but this is interesting. Ann

  5. Welcome, Ann. Do you mean you live in the same town?


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