Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's a Beautiful Saturday on the Deck

Do you have one of these floor lamps?
I had two of them.  One of them broke and I threw it away.  Last year I turned the other one into a planter for my deck.

I am really enjoying the height it adds to my deck arrangements. 

The calla lilies in my whiskey barrels are HUGE this year.
J gets all of the credit as he has been taking care of all the gardens this year.  They seem to love all of the attention he gives them.
I have never seen my calla lilies this huge!

Has your garden been better than usual this year?  It seems everyone I talk to  thinks this has been a great year for gardens.


  1. Hi Zoey---your planters look terrific. Looks like hubby has the magic touch.
    I think the plentiful rains we've been having are doing great things for the garden........but not for me. Ack-the bugs over on this side are terrible. Gnats, deer fly, and mosquitoes. It's horrible being out weeding.
    I also love your idea for using an old lamp for a planter. Very clever!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Yes, I think hubby is getting the gardening bug! LOL. Every afternoon when I come home from work, he is out dead heading....until last month, he had no idea what dead heading was! :)


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