Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lionheart Asiatic Tango Lilies -- & other Yellow July Bloomers

These Lionheart Tango lilies are beautiful this year!  It's the first year the deer did not eat 90% of them.
The are advertised as yellow with a black center, but I would call the center dark purple--a perfect match to the Ninebark shrub planted in back.  FYI - the Tango lily to your left is called "Cappuccino". The petals are white with a bit lighter purple center.  I have at a number of different colors of the "Tango" series--from white petals to vibrant red petals , to warm autumn orange petals -- and I love them all. 

At the beginning of this garden path, you can barely see the Lionhearts; until you walk further along around the curve

and the Lionhearts are suddenly right next to you in all their gorgeous yellow/purple glory!

At the very start of this path, I have some Echinacea Sombrero® Sandy Yellow that I planted in August of 2014. Echinacea has always been difficult for me to keep alive, so I am thrilled that they survived the winter of 2014/15!  They are not quite fully open in the photo below:

The yellow blooms continue right on to the whiskey barrels on my deck where I have some very tall yellow calla lilies.

 My MIL gave me a small pot of two callas about 15 years ago and they have multiplied at last 100 fold since then!  I have them in many of the deck containers

as well as in multiple gardens in the yard.

I even bring them inside for centerpieces.

Calla lilies are one of my favorite flowers.

If you are interested, This is my post last year on July 26 when I had only 2 of the Lionheart lilies that escaped the deer buffet.  You can also see some of the red "Olina" Tango lilies in that post.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are as thrilled with your garden this year as I am with mine!


  1. thanks for sharing you beautiful garden!!! Love all the purples. I tried to grow the calla but never succeed at it. I just came in from watering my garden since it is so dry right now. a new thing I planted this year is hops climbing up my garden shed.
    Mosquitos are so bad here right now.
    Enjoy the rest of the garden season.

    1. Hi Earlene,
      We have had a lot of mosquitoes, too...I will have to "hop" on over and see your hops climbing the shed! :)

  2. Wow-Zoey, those lilies are something special.
    The deer have been terrorizing my flower beds and so there is no phlox, no sedum, no coneflower for me this year. I tried a new "deer repellent"--Plantskyd--worked for a couple of weeks, but then they got used to it. Perhaps I need to play the lottery and win a big jackpot---the first thing I'd do is fence the entire place.
    Your garden looks like it's doing very well this year. Conditions have been pretty good up until today. Wow--the heat! I'll be glad when those cool Michigan temps return!
    Happy Summer

    1. Sue, I feel for you with the deer problem. I used Bobbex this year and it so far, so good...very little damage. It was applied multiple times in June and early July.

      I hear you on the heat---HATE IT--also waiting for the cooler temps.

  3. Love the bright blues in your garden. So Vibrant. Great job!

    1. Thanks, Teresa Marie. I am happy the delphiniums returned this year with multiple blooms.

  4. In questo periodo di siccità è un piacere vedere un giardino così rigoglioso :) Complimenti per le composizioni!

    Un saluto :)

  5. Love your tango lilies, and callas and indeed your garden as a whole. It is SO stunning, Zoey! Happy Gardening!

  6. Thank you for your post. This is excellent. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site.


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