Sunday, August 9, 2015

Santa Claus Dahlia

This is the second time I have purchased this dahlia from Breck's.  The first purchase (about 5 years ago)  resulted in tubers never came up.  Breck's refunded my money.

Early this year I ordered "Santa Claus" again.  I am so glad I gave it a second try!

Such a lovely color!  Doesn't it make you think of Christmas?
 I wish I had it blooming in December, so I could use it for a Christmas centerpiece!

Do any of you grow this dahlia?


  1. Stunning!
    You'll have to talk hubby into a greenhouse--so you can keep that beauty going until the holidays.

    1. No greenhouse for me...summer gardening is enough! I don't want to continue thru the winter... I like the break!

  2. WOW, it is so pretty and yes it does look like Christmas.


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