Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wow, I've Had a Busy Weekend

Today I was at Home Depot to check out some new counter tops and I spotted a 50% off sale on these allium:
All of our snow melted over the weekend and the ground is not frozen, so I bought these and came right home and planted them.  DH helped so it went fast.  I stuck the shovel in, held up the soil and he tossed the bulb in. I didn't care what direction the bulb ended up; I just wanted to get it done quickly as I had a ton of other tasks to do today.  I think we planted the 14 bulbs in less than 10 minutes. 

Allium only blooms nicely the first season in my garden.  But at half price, it's worth it just to enjoy them for a few weeks next summer.

I also bought some lemon oil to massage into my kitchen cupboards.  It's been way too long since I've done that. 

It's a big chore to do all of my cupboards, so it will take some time before they are all done, but at least it's a start.

DH also took down the kitchen lights so I could wash them all.  He gave up his nap to help with this chore.

 I must say it was so much easier to do with two people.  Neither of us had to go up and down the ladder six times just to remove the light shades and another six times to put them back up.  He just handed them to me, I washed and dried them and handed them back.

I did get to work on my quilt for about an hour this morning.  I had way more to do than I thought, so it's not finished yet, but I feel good that it is almost done.

Quilting it by machine is waaaay faster (MONTHS!) than if I hand quilted it. 

I have chicken wing dings, mac/cheese and baked pears in the oven right now. 

It's been a busy working weekend, but we love those every now and then.  It feels so good to get so much done!

Hope you have had a good weekend, too.


  1. Good job done! I have never tried machine quilting but hear rave reviews about it. That is a gorgeous quilt. Our snow is all melted today, too, and it hit almost 50! xo Diana

  2. Zoey you always get so much accomplished...loving your quilt..

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. I can't believe you are machine quilting a big quilt like that.
    The biggest I've done is a twin size. that was quit a chore!
    It was 70 here today, it's to be warmer tomorrow. I'm serious thinking of putting out Easter decorations!

  4. The two of you can sure get things done! Brian just cleaned my lamp over the dining room table before Thanksgiving.
    Glad you got the bulbs you like too.
    I love that Lemon oil too.

  5. And yes, the quilt is amazing!

  6. At least I found out from you the reason my Allium didn't come back after a few years. Now I just am not doing so many perennials but I so love Allium. Your quilt is beautiful!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Hubby and I do those kind of chores together sure saves on time! Beautiful quilt..if I lived closer I would come for lessons on quilting:)
    Methinks your garden is not getting any smaller:) Although the flowers will sure be pretty in spring!
    Love the smell of lemon oil!


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