Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Wishes to All of You

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas.
The image above is from one of the towels I received from my sister.  She has an embroidery machine and made the holiday design on them.
I think they are beautiful!

I was up early (a bit before 5 am) as usual this morning. We did not have to go to our Christmas brunch until 11:30 a.m., so I had plenty of time to finish the green star quilt I have been working on for...e.v.e.r.
I am so thrilled to finally have it completely finished!  I spent an hour or so curled up in it late this afternoon reading those magazines.  Tomorrow I plan to relax in the same spot with that stack of cooking books. It's so nice and warm and cuddly.  In fact, I think I am going to finish this post and head right back under it for the rest of the evening!

For Christmas Eve I made a few dishes to take to my sister's party. One was these festive jello squares. The white is condensed milk with unflavored gelatin.
I have been meaning to try these for the past few years. DH is a jello lover and he really liked these.  They may become a new tradition.

I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did this year.


  1. Merry Christmas, Zoey. I really like the quilt and it sounds like a great idea to snuggle under it and read. It is sooo cold here.

  2. Merry Christmas!
    You as so lucky to actually get to relax instead of doing a ton of cooking and baking. My company (mom and brother) decided at the last minute not to come. My brother has some heart issues and was not feeling well, so I understood. Sean dropped off their dinners to them.
    Brian takes dinner over to his dad.
    The towels your sister made are gorgeous! Are there special towels just for embroidery? Wow!
    Jello is definitely one of those 'fun' foods. I know several people who have it with holiday meals.
    Good job with finishing the quilt!

  3. I made what might be that same recipe. I used 5 boxes of jello, 2 cans cond milk and 9 pkts of gelatin. I then layered it (which took 20 minutes a layer) it Was a Pioneer Woman recipe, pretty but very time consuming!
    Looks like your Christmas was grand. I need to blog mine. But ours was good too.
    Happy Hump day!

  4. Beautiful, Zoey- I wish I had an embroidery machine. I love those towels- xo Diana

  5. Merry Christmas Zoe
    What beautiful towels! It must be wonderful to have an embriodery machine and be able to make your own seasonal towels.
    Your quilt is gorgeous... I am a lover of all star patterns! I love to have them over my lap as I stitch the binding on in weather like this... I stay warm and a quilt gets finished!
    Im sending you wishes of abundance in Great health, love and laughter and a most amazing year in blogging..

  6. Love the jello salad, I did something like that one Christmas..it's very festive looking!


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