Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Took my Christmas Tree Down Today

Just as I expected it took less than 20 minutes to completely take down my small tree and get everything packed up and back to the basement. I had it done by 6:00 a.m. today. :)

Then I began a full day of heavy housework.  Some of you may remember that I have been trying to get DH to add a second picture on one side of my family room entertainment center to balance out the Thomas Kinkade artwork (I originally had two on one side and one on the other).  I have been asking him to do this for a few years.  He has never done it.  Don't ask me why.  It was simple to do.  After he left for work today, I grabbed a tape measure and a screwdriver and had it done in less than 20 minutes.
I added the picture where the red arrow is and moved the bottom pic down a few inches.   The kitchen peninsula in the foreground is where my gingerbread man Christmas tree was.  I replaced it with a quilted runner and a fruit display.

I also rearranged the family room furniture and then spent the majority of my day doing my usual quarterly heavy duty cleaning.

Once all the cleaning was done, I decided to get a jigsaw puzzle going on the table that I use for my seasonal displays in the living room.  I removed all the linen and added a lamp for nighttime puzzling.
This barn puzzle looked interesting.  I am not very good at doing jigsaw puzzles.  I never seem to have the time to really get into doing them.  I decided to try again since I can leave this up all winter if I need to.  Are any of you jigsaw puzzle fans?

I have a 14 lb turkey in the oven that is almost finished for tonight's dinner.  I love being home all day to do this stuff! 


  1. Wow- You are quick, Zoey! AND you got your cleaning done? We used to leave a jigsaw puzzle up all winter but with three visiting "babies" we don't do it anymore. LOL- I would hate to get it all together to find I am missing 3 pieces! Hope you had a great day-Your turkey sounds delicious- xo Diana

  2. Wow, you were busy! It's going to take me a while to clean up this year. It took a while to set it up.
    I am pretty good at puzzles. I do all the straight edges first and then go by the colors. Is it a Charles Wysocki design? I have done his in cross stitch.

  3. You have been busy. I won't get at taking down my Christmas decorations until after the 1st of the year. I have to pack up and move my mom's things to a different apartment by the first.
    I used to love to do puzzles. Well I still do but haven't done any for quite a few years.

  4. You are good Zoey... Good luck with the puzzle

  5. Bet you are thrilled to finally have the pictures up. I remember your post about that before. Looks great.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Turkey sounds good! Got dressing?

    I always said I hated puzzles, and then I go and do some big crazy paper piece pattern. Almost the same thing isn't it!

  7. My tree is still up, probably till after New Year's.
    If I started a puzzle now it still would be unfinished by next Christmas..tells you how much I like to put puzzles together:)
    Sounds like you had a good Christmas!

  8. Oh dear I think it will take me a couple of days to take down my Christmas tree all 9 1/2 feet of it. I used to love doing puzzles, but I'm kind of obsessive about it -- don't want to stop until it's completed.

  9. Wish I had your energy. I bet it takes me two weeks. :)


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