Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still No Fresh Christmas Arrangement in my Basket

Two weeks ago I said I was going to go outside and cut down some of these evergreen shrubs to make a holiday arrangement.

But as of today, the basket and candle holders sit empty.
I just have not had time.

After work today, I had a dentist appointment for a periodontal cleaning and an eye doctor appt. after the dentist appointment.  I got to work at 6:30 A.M. and back home at 6:30 P.M.  No time for anything but dinner, helping DH with the clean up, watching the news and making this blog post.  Maybe I will get it done this weekend.

To inspire me, I went back through my Christmas pictures to find out how this table looked for the past two years.  Here is last year: 

and 2010:

Either one looks better than it does right now. :)

I would like to use the "JOY" bunting again this year and maybe incorporate some snowmen (a "LET IT SNOW" bunting would be nice, but no time to make that).  With snowmen that do not necessarily scream Christmas, I can leave it up until Valentine's Day...then again it may be February before I ever get around to doing it!

I am definitely lacking in Christmas spirit this year and that is just fine.  Every now and then I like to take a year off and not do the incredible amount of work that it takes to deck the place out in holiday decor.

How about you? Are you overflowing in Christmas spirit this year or have you lost it all like me?


  1. Zoey- I remember those days of rushing from work to appts and back to work again with no fun ME time. Since retiring last year I have had a bit more time but I am still busier than I ever imagined I would be at this time of life.

    I hope you get the Christmas spirit back, Zoey. It sounds to me like you are just really overwhelmed and tired- xo Diana

  2. I have the Christmas spirit...but not the over decorating spirit...simple is best...easy is even better....

  3. I've gotten the house decorated,--my problem is getting the Christmas cards written and mailed. We're running out of time!

  4. You'll get it done and it will be beautiful again this year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. I'm stealing that chalkboard idea...love it paired with the greens! I have decorated but that is because I have a newborn and can't leave! Ask me if I have any shopping done! YIKES

  6. I wouldn't worry too much about it. When you can, you can. I am doing stuff so slowly because of my back/hip. I went to decorate outside yesteday and the lights wouldn't work, so I gave up and let Brian figure it out. The problem with me bringing one bag/box of decorations up at a time is it will all have to come down one at a time.
    Do what makes you feel comfortable. And yes, I tend to do a scene in the front window that I leave up until February. Great thought.

  7. Maybe I get around to cutting some cedar and bringing it in next week. I've been pre occupied! LOL

  8. Just checking in to see how the fresh clippings were coming. Thank you for always providing a bit of inspiration. Merry Christmas

  9. Hi Willow,
    I never did get around to cutting down the fresh clippings. This year I am really Mrs. Scrooge, but that's OK. I am enjoying not doing all the decorating work. remember that wreath I made? It is still sitting in the basement--I never got around to bringing it up! At this point, why bother? LOL.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!


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