Monday, December 28, 2009

Warning--Work Rant

I am off work for the rest of this year. The only positive about never being able to take a full week of vacation (I ALWAYS have to work on Monday) is that I have 4 stray vacation days hanging out there for me to use up.

I work in a very weird environment--nobody is happy when you take a vacation -- they all act like you are being anti-company or something.

If I was the Big Kahuna and one of my employees gave up EVERY SINGLE MONDAY of the year to work, NO MATTER WHAT, I would be very happy with the dedication of that person and I might even reward that person with an extra day off now and then, just for not having to try to do all the reports, payroll, Accounts Payable, etc. that she is doing on those Mondays that I would have to learn to do. NOT THE CASE where I work. I am sure that legally I don't have to be subjected to working 52 Mondays a year.

The reality is that I don't really mind. I just mind being taken for granted and listening to remarks like, "How do I know how many vacation days you have left? You are the one who tracks them." Like I am cheating or something. (In addition to Sales, I am also the Human Resource person, & the Executive Assistant. Let me add that most hotels pay three people very hefty salaries for those 3 positions.) I can see where he might erroneously think that as the others are off for their full two-week vacations and I am only off for my 4-days. It may seem as though as I am off more often. Oh, well, after 24 years, I am used to it. Nonetheless, I am so very close to telling him to take that job and shove it!

So no work talk for the rest of the year!

Oh, my, these truffles are good!
They were part of my wine-on-top-of-the-package Christmas gift. I just opened them yesterday. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. I am only allowing myself two per day to savor their melt-in-the-mouth chocolate goodness. I have not had my two for today yet. Perhaps later tonight. Thanks, Chris!

While putting away the Christmas decorations, I decided to get rid of some games that have been sitting on the shelf for the past 15 years.
Just look at all of these games!

I also found a portable BBQ grill that has never been taken out of the box.
I think I bought it for DH before we were married (we've been married almost 21 years). I guess that gift was a DUD! LOL

It looks like we need to make a trip to donate to the thrift store.

I finished a new table runner yesterday.

Tomorrow I think I will begin hand quilting one of the quilts I finished piecing last fall.


  1. Zoey, what a joke..that fortune cookie! Made me chuckle! Your boss should be reading your blog..or not! grin
    That is a lot of games you disposed of..and then to find an unopened gift..are going to re-gift?? To your hubby of course! That would be too funny..
    My spare time finds me crocheting dishcloths..very simple but I can do that in bits of time here and there...and I'm hoping it keeps my hands out of the cookie jar!! (thank goodness I don't have those truffles sitting in front of me..don't know if I could stick to only 2 a day..grin)

  2. You might want to check on ebay to see what those games are going for!
    I have a pre 1950 monopoly game. It's sure not like the new one I saw last week, it didn't even have paper money, it had credit cards and amachine to read the cards. Too high tec!

  3. Betty,
    I am afraid I went over my two per day limit last night. Maybe that is whay I am up at 2 a.m. drinking coffee!

    Patti, I did check the Battle Masters game. One of the first sites I went to said he was willing to pay $45 for it. I don't know if that's mint in the box or what. Anyway, I decided I don't want the hassle of shipping, etc.--there could be pieces missing for all I know, so I am just donating them all...except maybe that one. I saw on EBAY where the individual pieces were going for 2 bucks each--hmmm....I think there are a lot of pieces...I may have to go look in the box...maybe my new job will be ebay seller???? :)

  4. I had to chuckle when I saw your pile of games as we are in the same predicament here. I told Sean we need to downsize them as we hardly play them.
    I swear the job world is a constant hassle. Bri says the people at the paper hardly talk to one another. I guess they are thinking of their meager paychecks and how much work is worth what they get. Sean is still hoping to land a job. I guess at this point whoever has a job is just grateful they have one!
    Pretty table runner!

  5. I worked in the service industry for many years, though I was in the front of the house. I don't the general public understands the abuse people take. I know what you're feeling, but know that you are an awesome lady!! Many of us love reading you and watching you create those beautiful things! You are needed!


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