Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Minimalist Decorating is so Liberating!

Today I took a vacation day from work. It was hardly a "vacation". I worked nonstop from 7:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.--laundry, scour bathroom, scrub floors, clean all the mirror and glass over artwork -- all the stuff that working women never have the time to do. I like to get away on the weekends and I have no energy to clean after I get home from work, so that does not leave much time for heavy duty cleaning.

It feels good to have it all done.

I also rearranged the dining room so it would work for my Christmas Eve party. This year I have no trees in the dining room -- I usually have 4. I do not have one piece of Christmas decorations in the room. But since you get a good view of the one tree I did put up, I moved items into this room to match the tree - blue and lime green. The tree is more aqua, but this room is cobalt blue and lime green. I brought in all my cobalt wine glasses and put them in both cabinets. I shopped the house to find lime green accents -- a pear candle, some liqueur glasses, and a grape candle.

I extended the table to seat 10 and added another set of silver trees that I bought for $1 each at the Dollar Tree. I brought out a runner in the same color scheme. It's not Christmasy at all, yet for me, it works.

I put this shelf above the china cabinet. My son made it in high school about 15 years ago. My cobalt blue decanters stand where a 2 ft. white-lit tree usually sits. I put two cobalt dishes in the dish rack above the mirror.

Around the corner, I put all the little gifts I bought for the games we play. Of course I wrapped them in paper to match.

I have rarely done as little Christmas decorating as I've done this year.
Yet I think this looks fairy festive. The best part is that I will have NOTHING to take down in the dining room after Christmas. How wonderful that will be!

I am thoroughly enjoying my minimalist decorating this year.


  1. It looks very pretty-nice coordinating job! I have most of my decorations in one room. I have the table set, but we have to move the charges and plates to eat on the plain stuff. Will take a photo soon. I was waiting to see what you would do!
    I love cobalt blue!

  2. Zoey,I like your minimal decorating..I have done the same this year and I quite like it.
    I'm sure you are happy you got so much done..way to go girl! And now you need not worry about that anymore and can concentrate on the party! Hope you'll be sharing some more recipes.

  3. It looks so pretty. How nice not to have all that taking down in January. Your blue glass is wonderful.

  4. As ususl your decorating is beautiful. And did I mention I want that cobalt blue glass, and that one and oh yes that one too!

  5. It all looks beautiful, Zoey, and I can well imagine all the work you saved yourself by not putting up 4 trees in the dining room!! I only put up one tree, don't think I could handle decorating more than one! lol

    Have fun at your Christmas Eve party, no doubt everything will turn out perfectly. xoxo


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