Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shortbread Cookies

I love to take the time to appreciate the little things in life. Last week I ordered a necklace and when it arrived it was a perfect match to this jacket that I bought about a year ago. That made me quite happy this morning. :)

Now, on to the cookies....
DH has been wanting some cookies with maraschino cherries in them.

I was skimming a magazine and came across some shortbread cookies that sounded like they would work with the cherries, so I jumped right up to make them. I am a spontaneous baker--rarely plan any of it--just do it when the moods strikes.
I was worried that I did not have two cups of flour in that jar.

But luck was on my side -- this is what I had leftover.

These cookies are very easy to make.
You shape them into two logs

I used waxed paper to shape them because I lean toward germ-a-phobia, and I don't like hands playing with food unless it's absolutely necessary (as in bread baking).

Once they are good and cold, you slice them.

I rolled the edges in red/white sugar crystals before putting them on the
parchment-covered baking sheet.

When done, they have a nice buttery crunch. You don't have to use cherries. You can put nuts, other dried fruits, or nothing at all.

You can also freeze those logs and just slice and bake whenever guests drop in, or you have the urge for a warm shortbread cookie. Do any of you have guests who just drop in? That never seems to happen any more. It's a nice warm nostalgic vision, but really, I like to know in advance if someone is coming over.

If you want the recipe, just click to enlarge this photo.


  1. Now that is a pretty cookie Zoey! I am very tempted to bake this..wonder if I could keep my hand out of the cookie jar??
    And I love your necklace and jacket..perfect!!

  2. Yummy-I do believe I have made those in the past and I think I'll make them again-thanks!
    I like your necklace too!

  3. Guess what Zoey? I have this shortbread 'waiting' in my freezer..to be baked up when I have time. At Christmas time I like to mix up a lot of cookie doughs, keep them in the fridge or freezer and then bake them up on another day.

  4. Oh Zoey, these do look so delicious and Christmassee! I keep telling myself that I'm done with my Christmas baking but then I see recipes like this one and want to add more! lol I love anything shortbread so these are right up my alley:-) xoxo

  5. The necklace is so cute. don't you love it when thongs come together like that?
    The cookies are very pretty, but that's one recipe I won't be trying. I never did acquire a taste for maraschino cherries. Those and tomato soup are two reds I don't like.

  6. Betty, I hope you like them! I plant to make some for the freezer this weekend.

    Hi Dianne, If I remember you usually make a nice assortment of cookies each Christmas. I bet with Sean home, you will be making them soon.

    Miss Pea, I have never met anyone who bakes more Christmas goodies than you do! I will be lucky to make two kinds this year.

    Patti, You don't like tomato soup and grilled cheese? It's an American lunch staple! :)

  7. Shortbread is baked..so delicious!! I better put them in the freezer quick before we eat them all..

  8. Betty, I am so glad you like them. Thanks for letting me know!
    I had planned to bake more this weekend, but never got around to it.

  9. Zoey, I have this exact page torn from Southern Living in my 'to make' folder. Thanks for the test, I even have the cranberries. Best wishes. Willow


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