Monday, May 25, 2009

Fatally Flaky Cookies

Yesterday I finished reading Diane Mott Davidson's latest culinary whodunit book. I think this is her 15th book and I have read them all.

She always publishes recipes that were made throughout the storyline.
When I got home from work this afternoon, I decided to make the Fatally Flaky Cookies.
I figured that any recipe that starts by melting butter and brown sugar must be good!

Here is the recipe (click it to make bigger).

I was quite surprised that there is just one tablespoon of flour in this recipe. I read it three times to make sure.

The recipe also calls for a good quality cocoa. I had plain old Hershey's and I think it worked just fine. (I also used salted butter, Kosher salt instead of sea salt and light brown sugar instead of dark brown...I guess it's not really her recipe after I got done with it!)
The finished batter will look like this:
Yes, that's all the batter. The recipe only makes 12 cookies.

After the cookies have completely cooled, you put softened ice cream between two of them. So really you only get a total of 6 ice cream sandwich cookies (This is half of what she says it makes, so I made mine bigger than she does).

The cookie portion is very, very delicate. They break easily so this is not something you would feed children. It is more of an adult indulgence.

I liked them and will probably make them again this summer.


  1. Zoey..I too wondered about only 1 Tbsp flour!! These cookies look great and yep I'm going to be making them. Thanks for sharing(although I wish I could have had one of your cookies)and way to go, just taking a pic of the recipe from the book.

  2. Wow those look YUMMY! I'll definitely be trying this out soon! :)

  3. Hi Betty and Dani,
    Let me know what you think of them when you make them. Make sure the cookie cooks long enough. I actually cooked mine for 13 minutes because they are bigger. You have to very carefully spread the softened ice cream, because they will break easily!

  4. The cookies look yummy! I especially like ice cream filled cookies.
    I have read a Davidson book and found it enjoyable.

  5. Thanks for posting a picture of the recipe for this. I own the audio book and it does not come with printed recipes.. just verbal ones.

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the baking process. I see that you used parchment paper instead of silicone. Glad to see that worked as well... now I know I can use it too. :)

    Thanks again.

  6. Soo....Quilt artist everywhere will like these cookies.


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