Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Friiiiiiiiii Dayyyyyyyyyy


I am free for two whole days to do whatever I feel like doing!

I had appointments for three out of 5 days after work this week. I HATE having to go anyplace after work. I want to just get home, change into jammies,chill out for a couple of hours, have dinner, sew, read blogs and go to bed. That's my idea of a wonderful evening.

After work today, I had to go to H & R Block to sign some tax returns, then I went to Joanne's to get fabric to finish my border for the pink/black star quilt. I can't believe I need to buy more fabric, but I ran out of black and I simply must have black for the last border. I am excited to see how the border I selected turns out. I am still working on the first border to finish off the squares. I will show you the completed top when I finish it.

I also made a stop at Kmart to buy some of my favorite lip liner.

It's Wet & Wild lip liner and it sells for just .99 cents! There are still bargains left out there if you just search a little.

My neighbors got back from a trip to Florida today. We picked up their mail and kept an eye on the house while they were gone. They brought us back a bag of Georgia pecans and some chocolate covered pecans. The pecans are double or triple coated in chocolate and were dessert for tonight's frozen fish fillet dinner which was lovingly prepared by my darling husband. He even made his own tartar sauce. I don't usually eat tartar sauce, but his was quite tasty.

Here it is already after 7:00 p.m. The night is flying by! I am off to sew a bit while watching old Andy Griffith shows.

I hope you all are enjoying your Friday evening.


  1. Ah, Fridays! There's something special about knowing it's the end of the work week and you can look forward to two days of peace.

    Your coverlet is looking quite nice and I love the colors.

    I love it when neighbors gift us with edibles. I've never received an edible gift I didn't like!

  2. Hey, a guy who cooks and makes his own tartar sauce! Wow-can't beat that.
    Your evenings sound like mine.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's sunny and beautiful here in CA!
    Those chocolate covered pecans look and sound delish.


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