Monday, September 18, 2006

Removing More Sedum Album ‘Coral Carpet’.

Will I ever be finished removing this stuff? If you remember I removed wheelbarrow loads from the front yard this spring. Now I am attacking the rockwall area. The sedum has embedded itself amongst the ajuga and creeping phlox and is tough to remove without getting rid of the latter. There is so much of it here that you cannot even see the rocks around the perimeter.

I dug it all out all the way back to the shovel standing up in back. I painstakingly removed the ajuga and threw it in a bucket so I could replant it.

I LOVE ajuga. It and Sedum Autumn Joy are the two easiest and yet most colorful flowers in my garden. If you are not familiar with ajuga blooms, here it is in its full glory.

I added top soil where I needed it and went to grab my bucket of ajuga to plant it.

What in the world????

How did all those green pinecones get mixed in with my ajuga?

That is why DH does not help me in the garden. He thought my bucket of ajuga was garbage and proceeded to dump all of his waste in it.

It's a good thing he has so many other fine qualities.


  1. Heehee, I've been there. Working together in the garden can be both challenging and rewarding. You never know what to expect.

  2. LOL what are hubbies for huh?!! You certainly have been busy but it's all worth it, everything still looks wonderful! Hugs


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