Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Finally Have a Bloom to Show

Flowers have been blooming all over blogworld, but none in my blog.
Well, finally I have a be sure, it's not much to brag about, but here they are all fancied up in heart frames...

And I saw two of these little tree frogs on the deck tonight. (I've always called them tree frogs, but not sure if that is correct.). I see them all the time. They are usually climbing the walls or behind the wall planters.

I've never seen one in a tree, though.


  1. Pretty hyacinths! And the frog looks like a stone-he's cool.
    My daffodils are almost finished blooming, the viburnum is in full bloom and I have a few tulips (something ate the only large red one I had). The lilacs are busting out too. We usually don't get lilacs for a few more weeks. It's been really warm and we are in a drought too.

  2. Dianne, did they eat those new tulips you planted last fall?
    We need rain, too. Our lilacs don't bloom until June.


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