Sunday, April 9, 2006

Great Day to Work Outside

We had a beautiful day today to rake and do garden clean up. It was only about 50ΒΊ, but with the sun shining it was a perfect work day.

I accomplished a lot - got all of the Sedum Autumn Joy cut down and raked quite a few areas. I hauled about 6 wheelbarrow loads to the compost heap. I am finally in the gardening mood!

I cut back my butterfly bush today. A lot of new gardeners wonder how far to cut a butterfly bush back. I am no expert, but this seems to work for me.
Here is the bush before cutting back

And here is what is left.
I left it a little bit taller than I normally do.


  1. Good job! We had a lot of rain, so I stayed in today and later went food shopping.
    My butterfly bush really needs a trim. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow.

    Mine die all the way down to near ground level. I wait to see where the new growth is and then cut to that point, usually less than a foot from the ground.

    They tend to be about 4' here, max. You should be glad of your snow cover in the winter. It's a harsh land with just the cold and no snow!


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