Saturday, June 29, 2013

A bit of Garden Work and a new Summer Coffee Table Centerpiece

I do love to putter around on Saturday morning.  Today I was outside at 6 am.  I cut down a full wheelbarrow load of  dead iris like these:

Here is the same area after they were cut down  (right side near the bird bath):
AND from the path in the other direction:

There is not much blooming right now.  On the other side of the Arbor Gardens,  where  most of the allium heads are going to seed,

I did spot a couple of the later blooming Allium Christophii. Here is one of them:

We have had a lot of rain in the past two days.  DH made this lovely peony centerpiece on the front porch, but it did not last very long in the rain:

So this morning I dumped it and cut down some of the peonies that  the rain knocked down to the ground and remade the bouquet.

This one should last through the weekend.

I could have done a lot more work in the gardens today, but the mosquitoes were terrible, so I came inside and ironed two pairs of new gold buffalo checked curtains that I bought  for the family room.  You can see one pair from the dining room:

DH helped me put them up just to see if I wanted to keep them. I am happy with this purchase.  I still need to buy some ring hooks and then hem them as they are about 6 inches too long. This afternoon  I ordered a third pair for the living room. I will show you more of them once I get everything finished.

I decided the living room coffee  table needed a summer centerpiece.  A quick trip to the basement yielded some shells and white candles.  In less than five minutes  I had this:

Looks summery to me and it was very easy.  It also cost nothing since I had everything on hand...gotta love that!


  1. Even when you don't have much blooming, your gardens still look pretty as they are so lush. We are getting lots of rain also. Very hard trying to find days to mow and our forecast for the days ahead are all still for rain each day. So different from last year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I have been enjoying the rain. I love green grass and without the rain I would not have it.

  2. Your garden is looking quite "spiffed up". Cleaning up iris is quite a satisfying job in my book-easy, and the results are dramatic.

    Is that a geranium 'Rozanne' I spy blooming it's fool head off? Looks great! It's the second year for mine and I can't believe how bloom-crazy it is. I know the first year is never much, but I didn't expect this.

    1. Yes, I think that is 'Rozanne'.

      I agree that cleaning up iris is easy. I wish the daylilies were a bit easier to clean up--they will be next.


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