Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Put in a Full Day of Garden Work Today

Just yesterday Earlene asked me how many hours I spend in my garden.  I answered truthfully by telling her I don't spend much time at all anymore.  Well, today all that changed!  I was out at 6:30 am, intending to do just a little weeding.  Before I knew it I had spent 5 hours weeding, moving plants, helping my husband cut down branches, hauling the branches away, and making a quick run to Home Depot to purchase 10 bags of top soil to fill in this area where we removed 5 wheelbarrow loads of daylilies.
I have not yet replanted it.

On a whim, I dug up a lupine on the opposite side of the house and moved it to the Arbor Gardens.  I have one the same color across from this.   
Here is a close up showing how nice it looked about an hour after the move.
Here it is 7 hours after the move:
Probably not a good idea to move Lupine in full bloom.  Win some...lose some....on to the next project.

I was thrilled to get all these branches cut down and hauled away.
It made the entire area look so much more clean and neat.

I noticed this geranium blooming today.
Do you see the other Lupines behind the cranesbill geranium?

  I enjoyed my work-filled Saturday.  The predicted rain never came...yet.  They are predicting rain for the next week, so I am hopeful to get some soon.  I am happiest if it rains at least two days every week.  If you have a big garden with no watering system, you understand why.

On another post I will show you a few new purchases I made at Home Depot today.


  1. Wow, you were busy! Everything looks lovely.
    I like cutting down branches and we have a boat load of dead wood under an every green tree out front. Looks bad. I have those plastic twirly things hanging off them right not.
    My brother gave me some Veronica. I'm still waiting for it to make root and perk up. He's said it probably will.
    Found a bonus butterfly bush under weeds in a handing flower pot! Wow! Planted it right away.

  2. Is it such fun to find bonus plants! I hope it grows for you. My butterfly bushes are just beginning to grow.

  3. What a busy day for you! Your lupines are so pretty as are your geraniums! I will keep my fingers crossed that you get some rain!!!


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