Monday, June 24, 2013

Replanted the Daylily Area

Remember the area I showed you Saturday where we removed 5 wheelbarrow loads of daylilies?

I replanted this area with a Ninebark shrub.
I put some Lamb's Ear on each side of the Ninebark because I think the silver color will do wonders to brighten this area.

Speaking of Lamb's Ear, I plopped an aqua orb  in front of this area:

Here is a view from a bit further back:
This white poppy is on the opposite side, almost directly across from the aqua orb:

My purple allium has lost its color for this season.  Later I will show another allium that has just begun to flower--it is yellow and looks totally different than the purple orb allium.


  1. I like your ninebark and lambs ear combination, all tucked in near the big tree trunk -- I think the contrast will be perfect. I just planted a Summer Wine ninebark last year, but am not sure what to put around it. So far it is at the edge of a border with green stuff (shrubs) nearby, and it just looks big and dark and hulking. Not loving it yet.

    You blue orb is a nice pop!

    1. Hi Laurrie,

      I hope you find something to plant with your Ninebark so you will enjoy it more. I just love the four I have! I added two new orbs yesterday. I will show you the second one in tomorrow's post. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Just got back from vacation and popping in to say Hi! I love how you have planted everything. You really have an artist's eye when it comes to gardening. Gorgeous!!!! xo Diana ps. I have only ever seen purple allium-I didn't realize there were other colors- duh....

    1. Hi Diana,
      The other allium look totally different. You would never even know they were from the same family. I hope you had a fun vacation.


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