Thursday, July 4, 2013

Decorating the Wreath Worked

I finally have my robin family.
Have you ever seen a more adorable baby?

The birds will only make a nest at the top of this wreath if it is decorated.  I guess they want to feel hidden & protected. 
Hope you all have a fun July 4.  I am off to work. We are putting an entry in the parade. It is our first time doing so.  I hope it turns out to be fun. I will be walking and tossing 75 lbs. of Twizzler sticks to the kids along the route. I hope it is not too hot!


  1. I'm surprised mom wasn't dive bombing you. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I know. She was watching from a nearby apple tree.

  2. It's funny they will only make a nest if the wreath is decorated. Have fun at the parade.

    1. The parade was a fun fast two mile walk. I got some exercise which I can always use!

  3. Oh my you got a nice close up of the young birds..they are so ugly that they are cute:)
    Hope you enjoyed the parade, you were popular giving away twizzlers!

  4. Congratulations on the baby!

    Red licorice? wish I had been there.

    I'm guessing it was a float for your work?


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