Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Watermelon Salad & My Seed/Tropicals Saga

Simple yet delicious. Watermelon, cottage cheese, red onions and mint from my deck.

The Bells of Ireland seeds are not doing well.
The egg carton is breaking apart before the seedlings emerge. I still have hope that I will get some of these unusual green flowers.

I have had much better luck with the 'Cherries Jubilee' nasturtium seeds that Dianne sent me.  I transplanted them all into different deck containers.

I can't wait to see them spilling over the edges with their cherry-colored blooms.

My tropical deck containers are not filling out very quickly.

 It's been too cold at night. I am hoping they will be full by mid July. Yes, it rained last night. That made me happy. It's been raining most of the day today..with the promise of continuing for the next two days.  That does not make me  happy. I really don't want any flooding now that the gardens are just beginning to look decent!

This barrel full of liatris (blazing star) is one container that is doing very good. I see at least a dozen flowers that will emerge from this one clump. 

I have one other container that is looking good.
That's coleus Sedona in the front. I really enjoy its orange/red/purple foliage. So far no worms are eating the kale. Gotta love that.

So that's about it for the deck plantings. If they ever fill out and look good, I will show you the fully decorated deck.  I've been painting a lot of deck furniture in blue and green.  Unfortunately I am not yet liking what I've done.  Hopefully I can tie it all together with some pillows, quilts, etc.  We shall see.


  1. Lovely and the last container especilly is really stunning.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Once we get the heat, those trops will really pop!! Love the Sedona, but watermelon and cottage cheese??? I don't know about that one!!!

  3. I've been craving watermelon this year a bunch.
    Glad the Nasturtiums were big enough to transplant. I think I'm going to have to pop a few more around as I'm not seeing many coming up. They will be fine until the fall.
    Your containers are looking nice. I love Coleus.

  4. Oh Zoey..watermelon salad..just dandy but hold the onions. That I cannot fathom:)
    The 'blazing star' plant looks gorgeous..gonna get me one next year!!


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