Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Got so Much Done This Weekend!

My weekend went by super fast, but I feel good about all the inside cleaning/outside garden work I got done. I will spare you the details of my long overdue cleaning chores.

Our local strawberries were ready this weekend.  DH stopped and bought two quarts from people who sell them by the roadside.  They go out picking at the crack of dawn and by 9:00 a.m they are selling them for $3/quart all over town.  I put the two quarts in my vintage strawberry carrier and set in beside my nearly-ready-to-bloom white astilbe for this photo Op. Then I took them inside, cleaned them and squished the to smithereens!

Then I took them inside, cleaned them and squished the to smithereens!.We often buy California strawberries in early spring. They were pretty good this year. But they never give off all the sweet juice that our local berries do.

The local berries made for a tasty dessert served over some store-bought pound cake.
This morning I decided to remove some of the Lamb's Ear I planted last year. It has grown so fast that it is taking over my lavender in the front Arbor Garden border.

I removed this big clump and planted it here:

I think it looks nice between some blue spiderwort and Johnson's blue geraniums.
After moving it, I cut it down and then moved a second Lamb's Ear to this area.

I think I am going to enjoy it in this garden.

Saturday afternoon I spent a bit of time on the deck tying these green beads to a project that I finished on Sunday.
Do you have any idea what I made?
Well, you can find out by going to my sewing/quilting blog. Just click this sentence. 
If you want to know how I made this altered fabric, check the previous post by clicking here.


  1. oh the strawberries look great..

  2. Zoey, the strawberries look delicious. I am going to make a strawberry/rhubarb pie tomorrow with rhubarb from Michigan. I buy it cut up and frozen in Wisconsin, can't find it here.


  3. I must be channeling you as I said smithereens without seeing that you did! LOL
    I bought some strawberries today and they were good. I haven't bought local berries in a while.
    I like your new placement of the Lamb's ear.

  4. Boy those strwberries would be a good finished to my dinner. they look wonderful!
    (Oh by the way we had food from the land for dinner, dare I tell you, golden fried squirrel and new potatoes and homemade sour dough bread)

  5. Ciao, che magnifico blog! Coltivo anche io molte perenni quindi non posso far altro che seguire con piacere il tuo blog :)



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