Friday, June 10, 2011

48 degrees in mid-afternoon on June 10th? poor tropical containers are really struggling to survive in temps like this.

It is just 3:30 in the afternoon. 

I am going to  have to check the low for tonight.  I may have to cover those poor tropicals.

I noticed brown spots on my Purple Heart.

 I suspect that unusual color is from the recent cold temperatures.  Does anyone know for sure?

Although my Purple Heart is not happy, I prefer living with 48 degrees to the 100 + degree-days that many of you are having!

Despite the cold temps, I donned my long winter coat and went out and took some pictures to show you what's happening in my gardens.

I have dozens of purple iris in bud and a few in bloom. Here is the left side of arbor #3:
 the right side of Arbor #3
a few feet up from the above pic, showing the chives and allium:
Way in the back I have a lot of orange poppies just beginning to flower.  I am trying to keep the orange poppies way back in the wooded area where they can grow wild.

Up by the main arbor where there is more sun, I have a lot of iris in bloom:

I spotted my first spittle bug foam today on this poppy. 
There is a little bug in the middle of the foam. I was not in the mood to squish spittle bugs today, so I just left it as is.

I decided this unusually cold June day called for some freshly-baked cookies.  I recently bought some  cookie dough from a co-worker who was peddling her young daughter's current school sale. (Don't get me started on schools sending this stuff home with 5-yr olds--have you ever seen a kindergarten kid selling this?  No. It's always the parents who peddle the stuff at work) Anyway the mom told me the tub makes 48 cookies; I had a weak moment and bought two tubs of this cookie dough - $10 each.  The tub actually made 24 nice-sized cookies...that's $5 a dozen--outrageous--I had to cook them and do all the clean up! (If you made them half-dollar size, you would get 48.)
 On the plus side the cookies are good --very sweet, but good.  These are a peanut butter/choc chip cookie.

Even though they are expensive, DH will love them on this cold spring evening.


  1. Brr...that is unusual...good idea about the cookies! I have more spittle bugs this year than I've ever seen before...I swear every plant must have at least one.

  2. Zoey,

    That really is cold, although I had to turn on the heat this morning, low fifties. I have not seen this on my purple heart, but it is a very sensitive plant.

    My tropicals are out and they do not like it below 50 degrees, can cause leaf drop.


  3. Good grief Zoey. That is cold for this time of the year. This has been the crazies year so far. Your garden looks wonderful. I really like the baskets on your arbor. What a terrific idea.

  4. wow that is glad to send you a little of our Texas warmth...those cookies look really good...don't you just hate those fund raisers....I'd rather just donate some cash...

  5. It's 55F here right now and raining...I am NOT impressed! lol Except for those two days of heat at the beginning of the week, it's been cold since. I had planned on going to buy my Impatiens and Petunias but I may as well wait another week yet. The veggie garden is now planted finally so let's just hope it warms up soon!!

    Your gardens are really coming to life, it all looks so beautiful already. I've seen that spittle on some plants before but had no idea what it was...didn't realize it was from a bug and that the bug is in the spittle! Yuck! lol

    Don't get me started on those fundraisers either! lol I had bought a couple of pails of that cookie dough as well and as you say, although the cookies are good, they are very expensive!!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, my friend. xoxo

  6. Must be a cold front settled over your area. It's in the low 80s here, cloudy with a chance of rain. I don't do any gardening when I can hardly dig in the dirt. I did put a few things in that were droopy (my $$ garden center plant).
    Your gardens look good though! And don't get me started on the how yummy the cookies look. Even the parents get stuck buying stuff from the schools. : )

  7. It's been very cold here, too and just like you, I will take it over the 90's we had last week.

    Oh, those darn fundraisers! We bought some popcorn from some little kid's fundraiser thing, and it was the most expensive stuff we ever purchased. (And not all that great, lol).

    I bet your iris will be opening very soon and will be gorgeous!

  8. I bought a couple of pails of that cookie dough and then let my son keep it for the kids. We didn't need the calories. I don't like the "kids" selling things like this...and candy bars.Here's and Idea... Why don't they sell dish cloths? Something we all could use. Balisha

  9. Wow,that's cold! but your flowers look great.


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