Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boy, Did We Get the Rain!

Last evening we had severe thunderstorms for about an hour.  While working today, it rained hard for a few hours.

I just got home from work and all of sudden I noticed it was dark (at 3:15 p.m.) and we were being pelted with more rain.  I opened the bedroom window and snapped this pic. It is so hard to see rain in a picture, but you can see how dark it is.

 Here is the front yard about 15 minutes later....getting lighter, but still raining hard.

I love it!  All of my pine pollen should have been forced from the trees and the deck floor has been cleaned of pollen by the heavy rain.   I would love to get rain like this at least twice a week all summer.

By 4:00 P.M. it was just sprinkling so I went out to investigate my new iris blooms.

It seems everything has shot up 6 inches in the last two days.
 My seeds on the deck have sprouted with at least one in every container.  Sweet!  Sunday I checked the ones I planted in the ground and I only saw two. No seeds (other than weed seeds) seem to like to grow in my garden soil!
Hopefully I can transplant some of these in a week or two and they will take.  Dianne, the black square pots are the Cherries Jubilee you sent me. I am so excited!


  1. Please send us some rain! It's hot and the ground is cracking. I love your rain photos. And how cool is it to see the little Nasturtiums coming up-very hardy!
    I did my Roamy post earlier-I had to keep fixing it from 3rd person to 1st-the temp here fried my brain earlier-96 degrees.

  2. What a beautiful rain..we got pelted like that on Tuesday evening, with a little hail thrown in, nothing that damaged any plants though.

  3. Lindo blog!!

    *Lovely blog!



  4. We always seem to get the same kind of weather, we had quite the downpours yesterday as well. My first thought was like yours, it's cleaning off the pollen! lol It was so hot yesterday and the day before but this morning it was absolutely freezing. Right now it's 63F!! At least it's perfect weather to mow the lawns which I just did!

    Your Irises are beautiful, mine are just a bit behind yours. That's so great that your potted seeds have all started sprouting, hopefully they'll grow for you when you transplant them. I always have such poor luck with seeds. xoxo


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