Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Year it was Black, this Year it's Hosta Leaf Green & Spring is Ending

I was planning to repaint it black, but when I went down to the basement, I saw this can of Hosta Leaf green paint.  I decided to give it try.  I think I like it.

Tuesday we had 95 degree weather and the promise of a big thunderstorm.  The rain missed us. Darn! I was looking forward to a good watering.  First it's a flood, then it's a drought.  I was out watering for over an hour after work today.  We had very high winds last night & today which dried everything out and blew most of the blossoms off the fruit trees and the tulips. My spring blooms are pretty much done.

Luckily I took a few pics yesterday of the apple blossoms.

(the last one is a poppy in the woodland area)

I also took a few pics of my front yard spring blooms, most of which are now gone.

It is amazing how fast all the flowers disappear when the wind kicks up.

In the back, I had to water the 4 dozen or so containers that are just beginning to sprout.
I will place a lot of these right in the main gardens to add late summer color.  I just need to wait for some foliage to appear, so I remember what is what.  I do remember that last fall I planted 3 or more containers with red and pink dahlias. I am excited to see how those turn out this year.

I recently was asked if I use the same soil in these containers from year to year.  The answer is yes.  I save these plants right in the soil-filled pots.  Every three to four years, I replace the soil.  Most years I add an inch or two of new potting soil to the top.  Good potting soil is pretty expensive and it would be cost prohibitive to dump 49 containers every year.    I do use Miracle grow every week, so the plants get enough nutrients even in the old soil.  This method has been working for me for the past 15+ years.


  1. Hi Zoey. Girl I thought I drug out a lot of pots from the basement every spring but you have me beat.LOL! Do you keep all of your Cannas in pots like that?

  2. oh what a difference a can of spray paint can make ~ love the hosta green color ~ looks great!
    'hugs from afar'

  3. It's not as hot here today, but very blustery. Everything is dry and I will get to that later. We also missed the thunderstorms.
    I didn't realize you did up so many pots! I'm excited to see what they are. I mix new potting soil with the old and also use Miracle Grow. My plants seem happy. We can't change out the garden soil.

  4. I like the darkish green hosta color too-it will go great with any color!

  5. Lona,
    I do indeed.

    Hi Cher,

    It's a nice day here today. The winds have died down. Thank goodness because one of my plants at work (hibiscus tree) was bending over from yesterday's wind! I think that green with go with just about anything, too... at least I hope so!

  6. Hi Zoey!

    I really like that green. Love green anyway but that shade looks really nice on that piece!
    It`s been so long since I`ve been around and I`m glad I found you again :)


  7. Tea,
    I am glad you found me again, too! I must go visit you now.

  8. On Tuesday we had very hot temps, feeling like in the 90's with the humidex and that night we had quite the storm...the lightning was so intense, it was quite the light show, something I haven't seen in years. When the rain came it was in a complete downpour for an hour or so. The next day it was cloudy and 56...from one extreme to the other! lol Today it's sunny and 66 so pleasant enough.

    The winds stripped the apple and crab apple trees of their gorgeous blooms...phooey! I see it did the same your way.

    Love the Hosta Green paint you used. I have a little garden bench I need to repaint for my faerie garden so need to go to the store and choose what colour I want. It was white originally but I'm thinking of a brighter colour this time:-) I always admire the bright colours you use. xoxo

  9. I love that green. How neat for them to name a paint after one of the most popular plants in the garden. Balisha


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