Friday, June 3, 2011

Calibrachoa and Coleus Planter, Work Containers & The Beaded Tote is Finally Mine!

My latest small container planting is Calibrachoa (trailing petunia) in front of coleus for a shady area in one of my gardens. I hope it is not too shady for the fast-growing little flower.

I have been watching the price on this bag since last year.I loved it since I first saw it, but it was way  more expensive than I wanted to pay.  Last week it finally was marked at a rock-bottom close-out price AND I also found a take-30%-more-off -PLUS-FREE shipping coupon.  I couldn't click fast enough to order this fun bag.  It's big, but no so big that I can't use it as my handbag.  I have been using it the past week and have gotten so many compliments. 

I only wish it had a zipper on the top. It has a nice sturdy magnetic clasp, but things can still fall out --as they did when I had to slam on my brakes when a semi pulled out right in front of me!  Unbelievable...the semi pulled out into a turn lane and then shot right out in front of me! The bag flew off the back seat when I hit the brakes, scattering lipstick all over the car floor.   I wanted to lay on the horn and flip the bird to that semi-truck driver as he glanced back in his huge rear view mirror.  But being the lady I am, I just mumbled to myself while waiting for my heart rate to return to normal.

I have been all over town for the past month trying to find some cannas to plant at work. No luck - there is not a canna to be found. So I had to come up with a different plan for the four containers I do at work. I decided to use hibiscus trees - two red and two yellow - as the thriller plants with various underplantings.
I will show more pics as they grow.
I am looking forward to a nice weekend. I think rain is predicted and I like that. I will just have to stay inside and get some much needed cleaning done. 

What are your weekend plans?


  1. I have been saying I'm done planting for over a week and then I find myself back at the garden center for just one more plant! Your containers are going to be beautiful, really like that idea with the Hibiscus tree.


  2. The only way for my calibrachoa to survive here is to give it some shade. I love all of your containers....wonder why you couldn't find cannas?

  3. Eileen,
    I did not buy very many plants again this year. I will probably pick up a few more when I see something I just can't refuse.

    Darla, I am happy to hear that calibrachoa likes less sun. I have it in a shady place and I thought it might not like it there.
    Cannas are hard to find in my small town. The only place I have seen them is at H. Depot and every year they usually have just one of the Tropicannas. Now that I have planted the hibiscus, they probably got some in! That's OK. I think the hibiscus will be fun for a change of pace.

  4. what a cute bag...doesn't that just tick you off....crazy drivers...


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