Sunday, June 5, 2011

DH Finally Opens a Gift I Bought 2003

Yes, 2.thousand.three!

The wrapping paper was removed, and I am sure thank yous were uttered,  but this gift was never fully opened.  The packing list was attached to the unopened box.  The date I ordered this for DH's birthday was July 3, 2003.

For 8  years this box has been stored away unopened. 

You may remember a couple of years ago I told you about the power washer I bought him for Christmas. It sat unopened in the basement for many years until I finally made him open it and try it out.  What a great thing that power washer is.  There is nothing better to clean the concrete slabs that the three sets of deck steps rest on.  This year he used it (only at my insistence) to remove white stain from the deck railing.  Most  men would have LOVED to get a power washer and would have found multiple uses for it.  Not my DH.

That is why I rarely buy gifts for him anymore.  He needs little, he wants even less, so I no longer bother buying him anything.  It's not fun to buy gifts for someone who does not even open them.

Anyway back to the 8-yr old birthday gift.  He may not have been impressed with it, but I just LUV it!

Have you figured out what it is?

Take a look...........

 It's a hammock! We found two big pine trees in the wooded area to  hang it.
I brought out some colorful pillows and a small quilt for comfort and decoration.  I tossed two gardening magazines on it and jumped in...OK, not exactly "jumped" in...I cautiously sat on the side and slowly lifted each leg into the contraption...

 I am happy to report that I made it in without falling to the ground.  I was immediately struck by how comfortable it is to lie in a hammock.   Here's my view as I look up from my magazine toward the woods. 
 Here is the view in the other direction. It is high noon and the big pine has  blocked the hot sun rays.

I even saw my first male cardinal of the summer. He flew right over top of me as he chased his female friend. Ah, life is sweet....I think this is the best gift I have ever bought him!  Too bad it took me eight years to find that out.

I am linking to Masterpiece Monday, where you will find all kinds of creative projects.


  1. Oh, it's a nice hammock too! Glad you 'finally' got a chance to utilize it. Wonder if you'll catch the hubs in it one of these days?
    I have a dental appt tomorrow and need to do a few more Penna. shots with Roamy as I've seen he's been to Maryland, but my Maryland shots are so fun. I have to recover a bit and I'll take him to Longwood Gardens.

  2. I love the hammock...bought my husband one for Fathers Day one that is on a fit two people...he never used it...our dogs did and wore it out...that reminds me I need to look for another cover for it...Little Britches and I would use husband doesn't want gifts either...he buys what he wants himself...easier that way...

  3. OMG I love that hammock. It's huge and I just love it! Great setting for it too! Enjoy!
    'hugs from afar'

  4. The hammock looks great Zoey, love the quilt and pillows, nice touch. Your DH sounds like my father, every Christmas he would tear a little paper off, see what the gift was and that would be that! :-)

  5. My Joe never gets excited about gifts either. Maybe it's a "man thing" I love presents, surprises, partys and all that goes with them.I really think we girls are more interesting...don't you?

  6. Now it sounds like you know how to buy the "hubby a present". I love your quilt on it. Beautiful!

  7. We have never owned a home long enough to have mature trees, big enough to hold a hammock! My hubs has always wanted one, but....gotta have something to hang it on!


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