Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Farmer's Flea Market Treasures, But DH Makes Garden Art

What a disappointment the Flea Market was--despite arriving at 7:00 a.m., I did not find a single treasure to buy!

I did get a few garden veggies.

I made a delicious tomato sandwich for brunch and we enjoyed grilled squash, onions and cucumbers for dinner.
So it was not a complete waste of time.

See those metal rings leaning against the whiskey barrel?
They are all that is left from a full-size whiskey barrel that fell apart a few years back. This old barrel was my favorite deck container. It filled this corner perfectly.
I wanted to throw them away last year as they have just been sitting in the garden shed. DH kept them even though I could not think of a thing to do with them.

A couple of weeks ago on Jean's Blooming Tuesday, I visited a blog that showed a whiskey barrel sphere she had made from these rings. I have been searching for the past hour and I cannot find the blog to give due credit! I remember that I left a comment to the effect that I had the same rings and thanks for the idea. If it was your blog, PLEASE let me know so I can add a link to your post!

I have mentioned numerous times that my DH is not really the handyman type. We have a nice big tool chest in our garage, but there is nothing in it but old sheets to cover plants when we have frost predicted or to toss on the ground when I am spray painting.

Nonetheless, I told my dear husband about the cool garden art that was made from these metal strips and within a few weeks, he had gone to the hardware store and purchased some bolts/screws and a drill bit for metal. One of the few tools we do own is a drill

Just look at my hunky hubby wielding that power tool!

After a short time he had my new garden art completed.

What a great idea for those otherwise useless metal rings! I am tickled that he was able to complete this project so easily!

I even moved Fergie to this area to complement the orb.


  1. The orb is lovely -any kind of circle in the garden pleases me! It was nice that you featured your husband's talent AND willingness to make art! But seriously, what about that GREAT frog in the last pic? I fell in love!

  2. Hi Zoey, I love the new orb! That is really a clever idea and very pretty; can you imagine what it would cost if you had to purchase it?

    Now you've given my 'MacGyver' more ideas, which is good! What a lovely addition to your garden, and it could remain outside in the winter, too.

  3. you really grilled cucumbers? I've never heard of that.

  4. That's a great metal orb! Everything old is new again. Good for DH!
    Your grilled food looked yummy-I think they were zucchini or cucumbers, correct?
    I also love Fergie the frog.

  5. Jody, the frog was a $1 garage sale purchase many years ago.

    Karen, it cost only $4.71 for the bolts and the drill bit! I want it to get all rusty, but the paint I put on over 10 years ago, never seems to chip. I will have to see what happens this winter.

    Patti, I have never heard of grilled cucumbers, either.

    I read that sentence and it flashed through my mind that people might think I grilled the cukes when I really only grilled the squash. The cukes were with sour cream and onions.

    Sorry about that. I was just too lazy to reword the sentence!

    Dianne, it was yellow squash and two little zucchinis. This was the first time we grilled them--DH loved it as did I, so we can't wait to grill the rest of them.

  6. Love love that garden art..a good thing to remember once my barrel falls apart. Your hubby did a fine job!
    Aww too bad Zoey that you didn't find treaures at the flea market..although those veggies made up for that I think:)

  7. Hi Zoey. A popover from Gatsby's Gardens, I see we enjoy many of the same things in life ... food, photography, flowers ... and Michigan!

  8. I have to say I LOVE those spheres! What a great idea for re-using something that would otherwise go to a landfill!

  9. Great lawn art and your flowers are just beautiful!


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