Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mandevilla Vine and Cannas Begin to Bloom

The Mandevilla vine is finally putting out a few of its luscious red velvety blooms.
Now that is more like what I had envisioned! I hope I can overwinter this in the basement. I would really like to have it again next year. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this?

Yesterday as I walked through the garden paths, I took this pic of the bud on Canna 'Black Knight'. I cannot remember just what color the flower is.

I rushed out today to see if it had opened. Not quite, but it looks like it will be a nice orange color.

One of the best reasons I know to plant cannas is that they do not even begin to bloom until August. That is about the time the perennials are winding down for the year. It gives me something new to look forward to in August and September.

I was so excited when I made my mid-afternoon walk around the deck and noticed this bloom---such a soft apricot color. I don't remember having this color.
It is Canna 'Wyoming'. I bought it from Breck's two years ago. I think this is the first year it has bloomed, which is why I don't remember the color.

My favorite canna has bloomed! Isn't this just the most happy-looking flower? It always makes me think of a clown.
I just love how the color is split between yellow and orange. Then to top it off it offers those lovely orange freckles. Every bloom is different. The one next to this is mostly dark orange with a spotted throat.
I purchased this one from a chain store and it was labeled 'Picasso'. The label is not correct. Picasso does not have the big splotchy orange color. I think this plant looks a lot like 'Cleopatra', but I cannot be certain what it is. I just know it is my current favorite!

This year I bought another one labeled 'Picasso'. The leaves are so different. They do not have the stripes. I also bought 'Lucifer'.
I planted these low-growing cannas (3 feet or less) together in the long containers on each side of the dark-leafed canna.
I hope they bloom this year!


  1. What amazing flowers! Photos like that always remind me why I MUST have cannas some day...I just cannot decide which one to get! I really do love that red/yellow one, especially the "freckles" on the petals...too cute!


  2. Hi Zoey,
    I love that mandevilla! You have lots of color in your beds. The plants look so happy being around each other.

    I am not a canna fan, but yours sure are pretty.

    You asked me if I had the Octopus bellflowers pictured. I think it was the 14th photo, where I mentioned them, and they were in the lowest part of the photo in the middle. They just have a few blooms right now. I have other photos of them in other posts, maybe in the ones labeled, "Front Yard".

  3. WOW love your cannas, there's a plant I have never tried. Are they a type of bulb? or any info would would good if you have a spare moment or two. They all look so pretty!

  4. That is a gorgeous Mandevilla. I think you may have to keep it in a warm room over the winter. At Longwood Gardens there's is in a greenhouse area all year long.
    The Cannas are outstanding!
    I can check to see what catalogs I get, but you can look on eBay too-I've gotten nice lilies, etc from sellers.

  5. That should say 'they are in a greenhouse'-posting to late at night.

  6. Those cannas are calling year!
    Your flowers are all coming together nicely Zoey. A walk through your garden would be pure pleasure:)


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