Monday, August 2, 2010

Globe Thistle and Little Laura

The globe thistle has now turned blue.

Did you Ever Look Closely at a Globe Thistle?

They are amazing flowers. First they are nearly perfectly round--amazing in its own right.
Then all those little spiney things turn into teeny tiny little petals that open to form the whole flower.

Liatris is another one where many tiny flowers form the whole.

Saturday morning I moved half of the 'Little Laura' phlox to this area behind the lavender at the beginning of his garden.
Now the purple color is distributed throughout this garden.

Ah, here we have the black-eyed Susans. I've been removing them from most of the gardens for the past two summers. They do takeover everywhere! But I like them in certain areas, like here by the deck entrance:
This area next to the main arbor is one where I intend to remove them.
From this angle they look pretty nice. But overall I think they look weedy. This is a difficult area to grow anything, so I am taking my time before I remove all of them. I think I have removed about half of them from this area. I will probably leave the rest until next year.

It's Blooming Tuesday over a Jean's today. Be sure to stop over and see what everyone else has blooming this week!


  1. The garden looks that wide view at the end framed with the Rudbeckia. I'm loving your Globe Thistle, I only have 1 plant so far, and it is maybe a week from flowering. I'm hoping to collect the seed to propagate a few the combo of them with the magenta phlox...great eye!

  2. globe thistle is a huge fav of mine too! It's such an incredible shade of blue. Your photos are gorgeous, Zoey! What kind of a camera do you use?

  3. those are beautiful flowers Zoey....

  4. I don't have Globe thistle and they are so cool. I'll have to keep an eye open for them.
    I have a few sorry bunches of Black-Eyes Susan-they are getting munched on. I love that vivid yellow.

  5. I really like Globe Thistle, they self sew and don't require much care for the beautiful blue flowere and the seed pods are interesting dried, too. I tried phlox, years ago, without much success I'll have to try again. It has such a nice flower. Your garden looks great!

  6. WOW! Your blues are incredible, your thistle is amazing. Your gardens always make me smile! Wish I could 'really' stroll them with a cuppa tea....guess I have to settle for sitting on my couch in my jammies.Happy gardening!

  7. Great close up of the thistle! I have a lot of flowers where lots of littles make what a big statement like my Liatris, Russian sage, Butterfly Bush, Lilac. they just happen to be flowers that do well in our current location.

  8. The macro globe thistle is awesome. I always miss mine during the process. I haven't gotten to take out any more BESs but I will soon. I do love them tho. Jean

  9. Globe thistle is one I have never grown, but I sure do admire it in your garden! Excellent photography! Karen

  10. Oh I'd love some of your black eyed susans! Gonna pick some up and try them on the far side of the house, I'd like them for cutting-enjoy!

  11. If I were just close in your house. I am going to be proud that I am one of your neighbors. I love your garden. You have grown a lot of beautiful flowers.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I agree with Black eyed susans taking over, but WOW they can add a pop of color right about now! (I just left a comment on your Koegel post too:)

  13. I enjoyed this post. I also love globe thistle and liatris. My black eyed Susans don't take over as much as yours seem to. I personally think they look awesome in your beds, so I'm glad you're not getting rid of all of them.

  14. it's amazing, people with gardening its just amazing, here in Java people are to crowd almost have no space. Gardening is just like little heaven. Thank You.


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