Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blooming Tuesday

I am really loving this speedwell 'Sunny Border Blue'. I originally planted it in one of the whiskey barrels on the deck, A few weeks ago, I moved it here.

It has been blooming since June. That is what I call a great perennial!

I was pleasantly surprised to go on my garden walk Monday night and see that canna 'King Humbert' had shot up a couple more blooms.

So much better than my last pic which had just one red bloom. I am beginning to like this dull canna more each year. I think the elephant ears that I have planted in the same container adds a bit of interest.

My obedient plant is just starting to bloom.

In my garden Obedient plant is such a lackluster perennial. The flowers are very tiny and it is so invasive that I have removed it from most areas.

This particular area is all rock about three inches down, so I am pretty happy to get anything to grow here. That is the only reason that Obedient plant remains in my garden.

It is better than nothing--but not much better!

So go visit the other gardens at Jean's Blooming Tuesday and see what they have. It has to be better than my dull Obedient plant!


  1. Loved going on your garden walk this morning. The canna is lovely and your obedient plant is much prettier than the sad thing we used to have. Get this, I think I actually killed my obedient plant, don't ask me how. The new barrel stave orb is so cool, too, love the picture.

  2. What a beautiful garden tour! Loved every minute of it. Your blooms and blossoms are gorgeous!

  3. Your place is certainly not dull. In fact I find it very pretty and colorful. Love your obedient plant.

  4. Your garden is beautiful, love the orb your dear hubby made for you...what a great idea! I always enjoy seeing what's new in your garden.

  5. I love that blue Speedwell combined with the golden Rudbeckia. And I have that same Obedient Plant in my garden, it's in a pot to keep it in check. :)

  6. Your canna is gorgeous! so is the obedient plant, two of which I do not have in my garden.

  7. Hi Zoey. Girl your garden is still looking so pretty. Mine is really waning now. I really like the art pieces your hubby made for your garden. Great idea!

  8. Your garden still has a lot going on even if the obedient plant is dull. I've never tried it since I've heard how invasive it is. The combo of the Susans and the speedwell is beautiful. Jean

  9. You still have blooms in abundance! Your garden is gorgeous, even your poor, maligned obedient plant. :D

  10. I enjoy your garden with all of the texture and variety of leaf shapes. The speedwell and rudbeckia look great together.

  11. That plant is not so obedient is it:) Invasive plants tend to make trouble. I try to stay away from those.
    Your garden looks great Zoey even with some not blooming as you hoped and others blooming where you don't want them to but that is the life of a gardener, constant work:).
    Thanks for sharing your garden pics with us.

  12. Your garden is beautiful! The area that's troublesome, have you thought of a groundcover or going back to grass? I am a new follower. I really am inspired by your gardens!
    Blessings, Beth


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