Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gilding the Lily

I have been such a lazy blogger this week. I have had plenty of time after work to blog, but I just have not felt like it.

Each afternoon I came home from work and did almost nothing, except for this:

My only accomplishment for the whole week was that I finished reading two mysteries and did a bit of denim sewing:

Fortunately I found more energy for the weekend.

Saturday I went in to work for about an hour and then came home and went to Home Depot to look at dining room chandeliers. I didn't find a chandy that I liked, but I did find 8 lily plants--

too bad that it did not even occur to me to take a pic before I planted all of them! It does not take long to get out of the blogging mode! By the way, they were on sale for $4.98 each.

I bought 4 of these dwarf Tango lilies 'Four You'. They are only about a foot high - like the Pixie lilies I have planted along one of my paths.

I did not even know there were dwarf Tangoes, but as soon as I saw them,I had to have them.
These remind me so much of the 'Kentucky' Tango lilies I had this year.

They also had another dwarf asiatic called 'Manhattan'. Even though it's not my favorite color, I bought 4 of those also.
'Manhattan' has a huge pink flower. I planted them all along the path closest to the main arbor. I doubt that these will bloom this late next year. I suspect they were forced into bloom so they could be sold this late in August. The end of August is pretty late for Asiatics to be blooming in Michigan.

While I am on the subject of lilies, do you remember those Pineapple lilies that I bought from Breck's? I planted them in April. One of them has finally bloomed.

It's another big Breck's disappointment this year. I have never had an order from Breck's that was as big a flop as this year's was.

I ordered two of these fairly expensivePineapple Lily bulbs. Here they are today--4 months after planting.

The second one has barely broken through the soil. It's been that same size for weeks. The bloom on the other one is about an inch long.

Nothing like their ad from which I ordered them:

There is not much you can do about false advertising from flower catalogs.........
except stop buying from them.

That's why I bought the lilies from Home Depot this year instead of from Breck's. At least I see what I am paying for before I plop down my hard-earned cash.

I suppose I should write to them and get a refund on all the duds they sent this year....Rembrandt dahlias--only 3 of the six I received even came up, the pineapple lily that barely sprouted................I really hate to be bothered with getting refunds/replacements. I expect to receive quality the first time I order!

I almost finished one of my denim projects today. I will show you that later.


  1. The pineapple lily picture is amazing - too bad yours didn't do so well. I do love the tangos that you purchased recently.
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Had the pineapple lily made it, they would have been beautiful!

    I can't wait to see your denium project.

  3. Gotta watch going to those home improvement stores! I always buy something in the garden area too. You got some nice plants at good prices.
    I was lazy over the weekend. Not use to all that walking on Friday.
    I think the pineapple flower is neat too! Do you use MiracleGro? ; )

  4. Lovely asiatic lilies. Like the idea of shorter ones. I'm planning to move mine from the daylily bed but not sure where I want them. The sedum must be beautiful in full bloom! Can't wait to see it. The deck looks great. You are way more ambitious than me, this time of year. Jean

  5. If you're mad at a vendor, you can go over to and leave a review there in their "find a plant merchant" section -- that might not be the exact name.

    If you don't have a free gardenweb account, you should! People there would love your photos. I didn't know there was such a thing as a dwarf tango before reading your post.


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