Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heliopsis Through The Slats & Butterflies on the Buddleia

Not much to say in this post. You can't have a garden blog without a few pics of butterflies on the butterfly bush. I just stood on the deck and snapped as they landed.

It has been so hot lately that I decided to read this book

I am hoping that reading a novel set in the winter will make me feel cooler!


  1. I guess I don't spend enough time standing still in the garden. I hardly ever get butterfly shots. Beautiful! I also love the white phlox and the orange canna. I bypassed white phlox but may be forced into going back to the nursery!lol! Jean

  2. Wonderful butterfly shots!
    Our butterfly bush is so big we see them through the family room window all the time.
    Hope you had a nice weekend. I wrote a post about the concert a bit ago. Loved it!

  3. Wow I do love that first pic of those yellow flowers..great shot Zoey!

  4. Butterflies are the most gorgeous creatures I know. They move and fly so smooth and they look so attractive just like all the photos that you post.

  5. I live in the pacific northwest. I have two plants I enjoy Tovara,it looks like chamophage with rose flowers like coral bells.And I have a 5 ft. tall Veronicastram, color purple. I am strolling through your garden to get ideas for mine!


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