Monday, August 9, 2010

A Minor Tweak Makes Me Much Happier

It was a rainy Sunday morning, so I worked on labeling some photos from yesterday for my files.
I removed a few more containers from the deck and added them to the main gardens. I put stars where the new containers are. (I am having fun with the program called Paint)

I was very discouraged with that bare spot that really ruined every picture.

I decided that I could not wait for the new plants to grow, so I dug out a few more Bergenia from the rockwall gardens and moved them here.

I should have a lot more of the pink dahlias blooming in the next week or so.


  1. you NEED to understand that your care and vigilance is keeping your august garden LIGHT years ahead of everyone else's!!! It's lovely - a delight. Mine looks like the sahara in comparison!

  2. I have Windows 7 too and don't play with the paint on this computer, but I should check it out.
    I've with you about bare spots-looks great! I agree with the above comment.

  3. Jody, without all the containers (about 16 of them), there would be very little in bloom --just phlox and black-eyed Susans.

    Dianne, you should try it out. I use it to make my headers, too--it's good for adding text and making your own icons, should you get bored with what they offer. :)

  4. Hahaha...I love that you moved that plant to fill the hole...that is so something I would do! Some things just really drive me crazy, and I've found I might as well do something that seems silly if it makes me happy in the long run :-)

  5. That is a fun looking program. I have a MacIntosh computer. I'm not sure if I'm organized enough to do that, though.

    Great job moving things around! Isn't it fun? It's too hot here to move anything this week.

  6. No, no, your bare spot doesn't ruin your picture, I swear.

    If you have part-shade, you should try some blue hosta. My favorite is Halcyon, much too large for the spot you mention.

    'Winfield Blue' is about the right size. Blues rapidly turn green in full sun -- but they still look good. :)


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