Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forced Blog Break

Just popping in to let you know I am having internet problems. I have not been able to get online for two days and it looks like I won't be on for awhile. I may get a new computer and change providers.

I won't be checking emails until next Monday.

I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather!

Hope to visit you all soon!


  1. Zo, you can come and use my computer any time.

  2. Zoey, I hope you get your internet back soon althouigh sometimes it's nice to take a break. I'm just trying to catch up with everyone. You have been working hard in the garden. Must be you are more into it than last year. I know just how your back feels after spreading all my mulch!lol! Jean

  3. Have you replaced your modem lately?

  4. Let's see off all week, will check email on monday . . . gotta love the offie somedays!
    Hope the search goes good.

  5. Oh gee, that's not good. If you have to get a new one, get a lap top-it's portable. I use our old one (it's about 8 yr old) for photos. We have trouble with it sometimes, but we defrag and looks for spyware. Good luck!


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