Friday, May 14, 2010

Once Every Two Years I See This Tree Bloom

My cherry (crab apple?) tree is in full bloom. It's a sight to behold, but two years apart is a long wait. It only blooms for about one week.
That's my latest handbag strutting it's stuff in the crook of the tree. Are those colors perfect or what! LOL. I really did not plan the bag to match the tree.

I still have not tried to get the glue off the dining room wall. That task does not seem nearly as appealing to me as making a new handbag, but I will probably have to forget the handbags and start washing the walls this weekend. . . maybe...I also need to get outside and do some garden work...and there are a few cleaning chores that must get done.

I hope you all have plans that are more fun than mine this weekend! I have way too much work and far too little play in mine.


  1. That is a gorgeous tree. I think someone in my family had a smaller one. It's like peonies, they take forever to open and if it rains, goodbye!
    Your bag is really sweet.
    I hear you on completing indoor and outdoor tasks. I am still working on cookbooks and clothes-and gardens. I thought my allergies were mainly from outdoors, but I think it's dust. We store our clothes in the attic, so the boxes have months to gather icky dust to bother us.
    The African violet sampler will probably get hung up near other samplers. That's another job I have to do-repot many of the real violets!
    Try to have a little fun this weekend too!

  2. So pretty! I love trees that bloom!

  3. love your new bag...great blooms


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