Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Feel Like I Participated in an Archaeological Dig

I brought a few of my tropical plants out from their winter storage yesterday. I remember seeing this one last year and trying to figure out what those strappy white leaves were.

They are white because they came up in the storage space without any sunlight. I think they are liatris. They will turn green in a few days.

This plastic container has served me well for the past four years. I intended to replant everything last year, but it just did not happen, so this year, I immediately dumped this one to replant. One of my favorite cannas - an orange/yellow splotchy variety lives here. I thought I would divide it to plant in the containers at work.

I am guessing that there will be a huge mass of canna rhizomes in this pot and I can take at least enough rhizomes to work to plant two containers.

I painstakingly removed all of the soil from every corm, rhizome and tuber.
Jackpot on the callas! I don't know what I started with, but I am sure it was not this many.
I will replant these in other containers -- 3 - 5 per container.

The humongous mass of canna rhizomes I expected did not materalize. This was it. A very small amount. I don't think it's any bigger than when I planted it four years ago.

I guess I will have to find something else to use for the containers at work.

I am off work the remainder of the week. I lucked out as the weather forecast if perfect! This morning I was outside early digging more grass from the phlox. So far I have spent close to three hours on that horseshoe shaped area I showed you yesterday. I am almost done....at least for a few weeks when some of it will find its way back in. It's a never-ending chore.

I also went to the library this afternoon
and got a light culinary mystery--Lemon Meringue Pie Murder. I intend to spend a bit of time reading.

For dinner tonight I have this delicious beef vegetable soup heatng up. I made it on Sunday and can't wait to have another bowl.I added a couple packages of ramen noodles to this soup. YUM!


  1. It's a good thing you enjoy gardening so much because you sure have a lot to do every year! lol My perennials are all coming up nicely and they're very much enjoying the sunshine and heat we've been having the last couple of days. Just this morning I took out the bulbs from my begonias, dahlias, calla lilies and purple irises that I had stored away in my cold room and they all have sprouts on them so I'll plant them tomorrow. Just have to figure out where I want them...well the calla lilies will be planted in a big pot I have for the deck.

    Did you manage to find some TSP to get the glue off your walls? It's the only stuff I found that really takes it off.

    Your soup looks delicious! Yesterday I cut up small zucchinis in thin slices, carrots in thin slices and red peppers...cooked it in garlic virgin oil on the bbq...omigosh that was good! lol

    We have to admit it, Zoey, we're getting older. My lower back bothers me as well when it never did before!!!! lol This morning I painted the Crown Moulding for my bedroom and my back started aching afterwards. Sigh. I'm not putting up the moulding myself or putting the new flooring in...I'm not THAT good! LOL xoxo

  2. I'm glad you had a nice day as we were rained out. We all went out to vote (Sean and I went before Brian).
    I did a few things that were bugging me in the kitchen-my on counter was just loaded down and you could hardly reach the phone. It looks great now. I have a cookbook dilmema-too many and no place to put about 30 or so. I will either have to get Bri to build me an entire wall of shelves (I want most of them) or get a big bookcase. It would be cheaper for him to build them.
    Your soup looks so good!

  3. ditto on our cannas - must have been an unlucky year in storage! I congratulate you on getting them out and divided - it's always a hateful job for me!


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