Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Got a Lot Done in the Garden this Weekend

and my lower back is feeling the strain. I never used to get a sore back from gardening........I've always heard others moan about it, but I never really knew what they were complaining about. I now have much more empathy!

One of my projects today was to dig out some creeping phlox along a small section of one of the arbor gardens so I could plant three of the new 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' Lamb's ear in its place. Here it is finished.
While attempting to dig a hole for the clump of grape hyacinths, I came across a large rock. It took a little creative digging to get it out. I had to remove about six smaller rocks to get a space to put the shovel under to pop it loose.
I get a bit of thrill digging out rocks, especially when they turn out to be a pretty color like this pink one.
I will have to find a place to put it where I can enjoy the color every time it rains.

Even after removing the 3 or 4 feet of creeping phlox, I think you will agree that I am still left with plenty of creeping phlox in this area!


  1. Everything is shaping up!
    Brian and I were also busy outside even though we both didn't sleep well. He cut the grass Saturday and today did the hedges which were almost causing accidents. I was potting up flowers and still need to weed and plant my herb bed.

  2. such a pretty space you have! I love your pergola - mine has a similar shape! Also empathize with sore muscles as we spent a lot of time outdoors this past weekend! I slept like a baby last night! How about yourself?
    The creeping phlox is such a happy harbinger of spring!

  3. That lambs ear will spread like mad for you! You will love it. I have it edging parts of my beds and it provides such great texture and color all summer long.


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