Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've Been Waiting for YEARS to be Rid of This Wallpaper, Rai Tulips & Butterfly Bush, & Oriental Limelight Artemisia

Sunday morning I was reading Pea's blog and she was talking about removing wallpaper. It seems like everyone but me has removed wallpaper.

I finally decided it was about time I got rid of mine. I got right up from my computer and went to the dining room to check it out. I'm like that--totally spur-of-the-moment starting projects. I found a loose corner and began to slowly pull--an inch or two of wall was revealed. I pulled a bit more--more wall revealed and no drywall was coming off. I was so excited that I called my non-handyman husband in to help me.

He was skeptical, but I insisted that he take one side and I would take the other and together we would gently pull and see if it would come right off as it appeared that it would.

Voila! In less than one hour all the vinyl wallpaper was gone.

I kept asking why I waited so many years to attempt removal. It was simple!

Of course, now I am left with all that yellow glue still on the wall. I guess I must have to sand it down. I have a feeling that won't be so simple!

I am happy to report that the deer did not eat my tulips and the Rai tulips are about to open:

My butterfly bush must have liked this strange winter just as much as I did. It's leafing out on old wood.
It almost never does this. I was at my MIL's yesterday and she has three that are doing the same.
We've had a bit of rain this week and the garden liked that very much. The plants are beginning to spring to life. Last year I took this 'Oriental Limelight' Artemisia from it's pot and planted it here.
I don't know what possessed me to do such a crazy thing, after having had it for three years in a plastic pot. Even on the label it said only to use it in containers as it may be too aggressive to put in the ground. I need to get right on this and remove it before it spreads any further! I think I will put it in about three containers and just stick the pots in amongst taller greenery where they will be hidden. I do love the nice contrast this plant gives with its light green/cream foliage.

I hope to get this task done right after work today.


  1. wow you got that wall paper off quick...can't wait to see what you decide to do with your new walls....the tulips are beautiful...

  2. I see color in your future. On that wall I mean! Have fun choosing.
    Beautiful tulips!

  3. You can probably just wash off the leftover wallpaper glue instead of sanding. The glue is usually water based and comes off easily. Sanging would make such as mess!

  4. Good to know you are on top of the artemisia. You really don't want to let it get out of bounds!

  5. Well, it must have been the right time to remove the wallpaper. It had to be the strippable kind since it was vinyl and came off so easily. For the paint to look good, the walls will have to be really smooth. The tulips are gorgeous! Glad the deer stayed away.
    I have some aggressive plants that are taking over the one side garden. It looks like 'snow on the mountain' but is all green. It gets a Queen Anne's Lace like flower, but there is too much of it.

  6. I have removed a lot of wall paper in the past and that's when you can really tell whether it was a good wall paper or not. The vinyl kind comes off easily.
    I too have planted 'aggresive plants' in places I have not wanted them..pots are the way to go.


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