Friday, May 7, 2010

My Tulips are not so Wonderful this Year

First off, I want to thank Daizy for her comment on my last post about using water to remove the wallpaper glue. I have to say that does seem much easier than sanding it all off. I have not tried it yet (I have to be home all day before I do a job like that -- maybe next weekend). I would have sent you an email, but your comment was anonymous, so I couldn't. Nonetheless, I appreciate the comment. It just may save me a lot of mess!

On to the tulips:

I have some blooming, but they are not making me giddy with joy as they usually do. They are on the small side this year and many did not come back from the past two years.

Last year I did a post about moving one of my favorite red/white tulips. Here they are right after I moved them:
I felt pretty smug about having them stand tall right after moving them in full bloom.

Here they are today:

The Big-Fat-Tulip-Leave syndrome. One leaf, no bloom. I am not feeling all that smug right now.

I do have one tulip area that I find acceptable. These tulips are about three years old and still giving a decent bloom, so that makes me happy.

Unlike the Rai tulips that I planted last fall. They opened further today and I am not happy with them.

The catalog shows this lovely plum purple and lime green color, not hot pink as mine seem to be!
Perhaps they will change to purple as they age a bit.


  1. I like the looks of that last flower..nice colors.
    Too bad about your disappointments with your tulips Zoey..but you know gardening, be ready for anything to happen.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I had no idea that the fat-tulip-leaf-but-no-blossom thing happened to people other than me. Do you know what causes it?

  3. Feed those tulips with some bone meal right now and then again in the fall. I moved some Greenlands a few years ago because they were too much in the shade and looked like these. I feed them twice a year and now they are blooming again! I was also able to revive a few other tulips this way. Now I do it for all my tulips. Bone meal is cheap enough and easy to apply - sprinkle on the ground and water in.

    I remember your post last year. Right after reading it, I moved a bunch of blooming tulips. I was disappointed that mine weren't as upright as yours. I just cut all the flowers off and brought them into the house instead of having them lay there in the dirt.

  4. Thanks for posting your tale of transplanting tulips in the spring. I was thinking about doing it but will wait and do it in the fall. Wonder if I will remember which ones I want to move?



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