Monday, May 3, 2010

I am Pretty Sick of Digging Grass from my Creeping Phlox

I spent some time doing just that this weekend.

I have decided that I am sick of that task and I am thinking of removing a good portion of my creeping phlox so I don't have to deal with it.

So in the afternoon I took a break from digging grass and went out and bought this:

Yup, I went out and bought some grass!
I think I will leave it in it's pot and put it in one of big deck containers. I cannot imagine having to dig unwanted grass out of my pretty blue fescue. I wonder if it will be perennial in my cold climate. It says it's good for 30 below zero, so it should be.

I also bought some fuzzy wuzzy Lamb's Ear. I have never grown Lamb's ear.

Hmmmm, I did not buy them to plant together, but after looking at this pic, I like the combination of the blue fescue with the lamb's ear in front. Anybody growing that combo?

In the back you see a red peony. It has two buds, so I can't wait to see the flower. If you have been reading this blog for long, you may remember that my white peonies took 15 years before they bloomed! I have no desire to wait that long for the red ones, so I thought the $15 price tag was worth it.

I also picked up a pot of Sunny Border Blue Speedwell (Veronica Spicata). I've tried it once before, but it died out. I love the blue color, so decided to give it one more chance.

I also went looking for the new Croc's, but I did not find them. The store I thought carried them, decided not to this year. Just my luck....

I stopped a second store to see if there was anything else that appealed to me. I found these:
I love them and they were marked way down -- about 1/4 the price of the crocs. To top that off, if you bought one pair of shoes, you got a second pair 1/2 off. I was in a big hurry and just grabbed these cute flip flops. They were marked $3 - closeout from $$19.99. I got them for $1.50!!

I guess it was my lucky day after all!


  1. I love lambs ear....cute shoes...what a great buy...

  2. I have lambs ear in my garden and I love it - though it can tend to be greedy and take over! Love your new shoes too!

  3. I also have Lamb's ear and like it a lot. Some had died off and I bought more and it really spread. I think the Blue Fescue grass may not be as invasion as some of the grasses. I dug a bunch of the invasion stuff out last year.
    Peonies are neat plants. I have the luck if they are in full bloom and it rains, that's the end of the blooms. I think I have Speedwell too and it's spreading. I am happy to report that the red bee balm I planted by seed is spreading well.
    Great shoes!

  4. What a bargain you found!
    We have wild lamb's ear growing under our cedars. But until you showed me yours, I didn't know what it was. Thanks!

  5. I'm into grasses this year all the different varieties.
    Great shoe bargains!


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